The richly historic Feast of the Holy Ghost, a 100-year summer tradition in Oak Bluffs, will pause this summer, the Portuguese-American Club announced Wednesday.

The annual feast and parade, scheduled for July 18 and 19, has been canceled due to the coronavirus.

The religious festival honors Queen Isabella of Aragon, who often gave to charity and fed the poor, and it celebrates the Island’s seafaring Portuguese heritage. The feast begins with a large celebration that always includes including sopa, a traditional Portuguese soup. The Sunday parade includes a wide variety of community members, including fire, police, Coast Guard, members of the American Legion and the first communion class. Three children are chosen to carry the crown and lead the parade.

“It started to honor Queen Isabella, she was a very giving person and would give out food, and that’s what we do,” said Gina deBettencourt, president of the Holy Ghost Association.

A smaller version of the feast is tentatively planned for the fall.

Meanwhile, the P.A. club is closed and struggling economically to make it through the pandemic, Ms. deBettencourt said.

“It’s more of a tradition, but it is [also] our biggest fundraiser of the year,” she said, speaking of the festival. “We are a benevolent society . . . it has been tough for us to help people through this situation.”

Donations to the Holy Ghost Association can be made to their gofundme campaign.