Bracing for a possibly bustling Memorial Day weekend, Chilmark selectmen have taken steps to deter crowds from gathering in Menemsha — sectioning off parking, reducing the time limit on a dozen parking spots and keeping their options open for further limits in the future, if necessary.

Five food service establishments will be open for takeout this weekend to meet the dawning summer crowds, selectmen said. They include the Galley, Menemsha Deli, Larsen’s Fish Market, Menemsha Fish Market and Menemsha Texaco. Fish markets are expected to set up outdoor staging areas for pickup orders.

Selectmen endorsed a proposal from Chilmark police chief Jonathan Klaren to block parking on the west side of Basin Road. An area marked off with cones for pedestrians will stretch from the bridge to the Texaco station, stopping before the main parking lot.

In the main parking lot, selectmen decided to eliminate the 12 parking spots in the center of the beachfront circle. The 38 parking spots around the perimeter of the circle will remain.

The reason is to comply with state orders on beach density. Menemsha Beach, which is 1,300 feet long by 50 feet wide, can accommodate around 300 people under state distancing rules, according to estimates from the town board of health. On a typical summer night last year, selectmen said as many as many as 1,000 people could gather at the beach during sunset hours.

At the request of the town, the Vineyard Transit Authority will eliminate the park and ride summer shuttle that runs to Menemsha from Tabor House Road, transit authority administrator Angela Grant confirmed.

Selectmen also endorsed the police chief’s plan to impose a 30-minute time limit on 12 parking spaces to ease congestion and allow people to pick up takeout food. The remaining spaces will still have a five-hour parking limit.

Chief Klaren said more short-term parking could be added if needed.

The new rules will be tried on an experimental basis, selectmen said.

“This is fluid and we can see how conditions are in three weeks from now and maybe adjust it upwards, hopefully, or down, depending on what we are seeing,” selectman Bill Rossi said. “I don’t think we should lock ourselves into it for the summer.”

After Memorial Day, selectmen said they plan to revisit the parking situation and adapt accordingly.

“We are ready for Memorial Day,” selectman Warren Doty said.