I think with more people showing up to shelter on-Island the turkeys must have more restaurants to stop at. I usually get no more than four to six daily. Throughout the winter 25 was an expected number. Of course, now there are more spring delicacies to eat so that could be saving me the cost of cracked corn. I have not seen Broken Wing yet which upsets me greatly. Hopefully, he found a better menu somewhere else.

The amazing Duncan MacDonald, author, interviewer, go-getter and staunch member of our Scottish Society of Martha’s Vineyard, was feted last week on her 104th birthday. Duncan now resides at the Henrietta Brewer House in our town. Several members of the Scottish Society showed up on the porch, kilts and clan tartans all arrayed. Our wonderful police chief from Edgartown, Bruce McNamee, treated her to a bagpipe concert. Everyone kept a safe distance. Duncan was delighted.

Speaking of birthdays, I cannot believe my young friend, Celeste Ewing, will be 30 on Monday. I had Celeste as a student when I was subbing at the Edgartown School. Later I was fortunate to have her in high school. Celeste is disappointed that her usual birthday party cannot be held. We shall fix that. A drive-by birthday parade in her honor will take place Monday. Arrive at the school by 4:45 p.m. to start staging for the birthday parade. This will be a sight to see.

I had the opportunity to listen to dear friend, Laurel Redington, host her Saturday night radio show. She was her excellent self. I particularly remember her playing Robert Cray. Then the song that always gets to me, Fields of Gold by Sting. So nice to lose yourself in music during these trying times.

I have become one of those old ladies wearing a winter coat year-round. I am still cold. Tamma reported from her daughter’s home in Texas yesterday. The two grandkids are fine, Jude turned five last weekend. Yesterday the temperature was 103 degrees. As God is my witness, I shall be spending next winter in San Marcos, Tex. with Tamma. I can be Gram’s backup babysitter.

Tamma’s Mom, Anita Cimeno, is living at Windemere. No visitors allowed now. I have other friends in assisted living who cannot have visitors because of this vicious virus. While I personally enjoy solitude, this is taking a toll on our seniors who are used to family visits and enjoy the communal activities at their facilities. Please be mindful of trying to keep in touch with them in all the modern ways you can: phone calls, texts, Facetime, visits from windows outside.

My dear friend, Liz Duff, passed last Friday. Liz was a force of nature, an environmentalist angel, a lover of children, music, arts, and people. Liz was my son’s counselor at St. Pierre camp many years ago. She was a driving influence with our Polar Bear Club on-Island, and a true, loyal friend. She was living in Gloucester where she died. Condolences to her family and friends. Our deepest sympathy to her partner, Alexander Thompson, and her cats, Moonlight and Foo.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend. Our usual parade and cemetery events have been canceled. No town picnic for the first time in years.