An employee who works at the Nantucket Steamship Authority terminal has tested positive for Covid-19, according to a press release from SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll that went out late Tuesday night.

In the press release, Mr. Driscoll said the employee is a commuter from the mainland, and that the SSA had hired a cleaning service to disinfect both the vessels on the Nantucket route.

The boat line cleaned the Nantucket terminal on May 15, when they were informed that the employee was being tested for the virus. The press release said the SSA is in the process of contact-tracing other employees or passengers who may have come into contact with the person who has tested positive.

The employee has not worked at the Woods Hole or Vineyard Haven terminals since the pandemic began, Mr. Driscoll said in a follow-up email. The Eagle and the Gay Head were both disinfected, and the freight ferry Sankaty made the early morning run, he also said.

The Woods Hole terminal was disinfected last week after the SSA learned that an employee had been tested for the virus. That employee has since tested negative, Mr. Driscoll said.

The Nantucket terminal employee is the second SSA worker to test positive for the virus, according to Mr. Driscoll. In the email to the Gazette, Mr. Driscoll said the first employee to test positive had no face-to-face contact with customers and had been out of work due to an unrelated issue.

“There were no potential exposure issues for our staff or customers,” Mr. Driscoll wrote.

At a prior SSA governing board meeting not long after the outbreak, SSA managers reported that approximately 25 employees were either out sick, caring for sick relatives or not working because they were high risk during the pandemic.

The boat line now requires all its employees to wear masks while on the job, and has required workers since the pandemic began to stay home if they are sick or experiencing symptoms. Employees are also regularly screened by a medical evaluator.

“Employees have been instructed that, under no circumstances, should they come to work while they are sick, both for their safety as well as the safety of the crew and traveling public,” the press release said.