There is so much time to sit on my back deck and watch spring unfold. This also gives me a glimpse of my road and the corner. An adorable dog, I would say a puppy by his ambiance, possibly a beagle mix, is often on the loose. I saw him narrowly avoid a terrible accident yesterday. The police and animal control are very responsive to my calls. I hope they have found the owner. I hope the owner has found some common sense.

My wonderful neighbors, Dan and Tracey Adams, have adopted the most beautiful little sprite, Wampum Shelley Adams. Dan and Tracey love dogs and treat them so well. I wish them all a happy life together.

That brings me to a great big thank you to the Vineyard Vet Clinic. They are so sensitive and caring during this crisis. My senior dog, Silvio, has several age-related problems. Their concern and care, their solutions for safe meetings, safe appointments, safe dispension of prescriptions, have been perfect for our family needs. I think all our Island vets are wonderful, caring people. But I have used the Vineyard Vet Clinic since 1972. I did not move here year-round until 1978 but I brought my New York cats up for there fresh-air country camp every summer. Long legacy.

Everyone loves a parade. Two special parades went by our streets on Tuesday. Marion Cardoza of Oak Bluffs was honored with a drive- by parade for her 99th birthday. Then a parade commenced in honor of our doctors, nurses, technicians, grocers, and all essential workers keeping us going during these challenging times. Thank you for keeping us stocked and safe.

So many have come through for so many. I am still getting used to my designation as a senior, and must say a helpful squad has appeared at my side to run errands, pick up prescriptions and bring food. Angela Murphy, Ross Swiriduk, Bobbie Jo Sears, Wes Stokes, Kara Best, Mark Santon and Jane Flanders are my loyal helpers. Thank you all so much. And thank you to all who have offered.

My cousin, Joanne Gardella, now stranded in Italy, thinks she might be able to get a flight out in June. Meanwhile, our aunt, Lucy Cucurullo, died at her home in upstate New York just weeks shy of her 100th birthday. My condolences to all on the passing of this strong, beautiful lady.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Jim Macdonald on May 6 and Scott Travers on May 10. And on May 11 Maryanne D’Alessandro took the cake. Many happy returns.