The Island boards of health reported one new confirmed coronavirus case Sunday, bringing the Vineyard total to 25.

As with the last confirmed case, the new case, a female in her 40s, had an antibody test that came back positive. The patient was known to the boards of health and is no longer ill, Tisbury health agent Maura Valley said in her daily report Sunday afternoon.

The hospital, which does not do serology, or antibody tests, does not include those test result numbers in its totals, which are restricted to laboratory confirmed infections.

As of Sunday morning the hospital had completed a total of 574 Covid-19 tests, with 23 positives, 550 negatives and one pending. Testing began in March when the outbreak began.

Statewide, there were 1,050 new cases reported Sunday, with 139 new deaths. A total of 4,979 people have died from the virus in the commonwealth. Massachusetts has a total of 77,793 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Mother’s Day on the Vineyard brought bright sunshine, gusty winds and chilly temperatures in one of the coldest springs in recent memory.

Islanders at home were busy watching their backyard feeders; a flurry of weekend reports included Baltimore orioles, Eastern bluebirds, barn swallows, northern gannets, brown thrashers, towhees and chipping sparrows.