Chappaquiddick seniors, please accept my apology for not being able to continue with my offer to operate a 6 a.m. trip to you at no extra fee so that you can shop early at Stop & Shop. I was not able to foresee the complications that it would cause. At my ripening age, I’m am no longer surprised at the ingenuity of my fellow humans to take advantage of just about any well intentioned situation. I can, however, foresee the debacle that would have ensued if this offering had continued as more folks returned to the island and the days got busier. I alternate between worrying that this summer will be very busy and worrying that it won’t be very busy.

I pass on to you the following notice from the Chappy Point bulletin board: “UPS Home Delivery. If you are interested in having Home Delivery of UPS Packages rather than having your packages delivered to a container, please call UPS to state your concern. We are the only place on the Vineyard where this occurs. Fedex delivers directly to homes and has for years. The contract with UPS guarantees home delivery. Mention 20-foot container for 440 houses and Covid-19 danger. The container deliveries are inconvenient, unsecured and in a time of Covid-19, unsafe.

Please call UPS corporate media office 1-404-828-7123. When answered, press 1 and hold for an agent. The representatives are very interested to hear of our experiences and act upon our concerns.”

If you are inclined to call UPS, you might want to mention that their delivery truck gets to jump the Chappy Ferry line when going over.