A Big Honey Moon

The moon will dominate our evening skies for the week ahead. Tonight the gibbous moon appears high in the eastern sky right above the bright star Regulus, in the zodiacal constellation Leo. The two are still close tomorrow night too, but farther apart.

Leo is a constellation we associate with spring. Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation dominates the whole area of the sky and is the 21st of brightest stars in the sky.

The moon moves through Leo and through the zodiacal constellations Virgo and Libra in the coming week.

On Thursday, the full moon, the Honey Moon, will be in the zodiacal constellation Scorpius. The moon will be close, making it one of the two largest full moons of the year. Expect extreme high and low tides in the coming week, as the moon will also be in perigee on Wednesday. Our tides are created by the moon and sun gravitationally pulling sometimes together. When perigee coincides with either a full or a new moon we see higher and lower tides along the shore.


Sunrise and Sunset
Day Sunrise Sunset
Fri., May 1 5:38 7:39
Sat., May 2 5:37 7:40
Sun., May 3 5:36 7:41
Mon., May 4 5:34 7:42
Tues., May 5 5:33 7:43
Wed., May 6 5:32 7:44
Thurs., May 7 5:31 7:45
Fri., May 8 5:30 7:46
Temperatures and Precipitations
Day Max (Fº) Min (Fº) Inches
April 24 52 43 0.92
April 25 52 36 0.25
April 26 60 40 T
April 27 49 44 1.39
April 28 45 38 0.24
April 29 48 33 0.02
April 30 57 43 T


Water temperature in Edgartown harbor: 50º F


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