The turkeys, the cats, the dogs have so quickly adjusted to having me home all the time now. Unfortunately, they now think the cafeteria is open 24/7. I did note with amusement that when I put out some finely chopped up leftover corned beef and cabbage my Turks very much enjoyed it. They will get more next year after St. Patrick’s day.

A lovely wedding took place last week at the entrance to a house on Norris street. Lillian Anderson and Marion Cardoza were joined in marriage. I see it as a statement of hope and love during very trying times. May they live happily ever after.

Mary Korba announced that there are 50 MV low number license plates up for auction from April 21 through April 30. This annual fundraiser helps our Martha’s Vineyard Community Services.

One of our famous writer workshops, Noepe, is offering a free online poetry workshop with Shira Erlichman. Poems and prompts will be the curriculum. I’ll see you there.

In addition to Noepe, be sure to check the online offerings from our Martha’s Vineyard Museum and our Vineyard Haven Public Library. My Turks and pets don’t realize how busy I am working and learning from home.

Since we are not visiting with our neighbors, it was a delight to see young Shane True walking with his granddad Eric Woods. Eric is recovering from knee surgery but had his walking stick and a big grin. Eric claims he was wearing Shane out. I think perhaps it was the other way around.

One of my very astute friends, Ross Swiriduk, exclaimed, “What’s a spring without yard sales?” Yep. That is one of my favorite seasonal activities. Well, that bummed me out for several hours.

April is poetry month. And April is Autism month. Let’s not lose sight of these important markers in our annual calendar.

My nephew, Jonathan, is finishing his first year of college working online from home. We talked on the phone last night. I was able to help him with suggestions for a theme he needed for a paper. How I miss helping kids with their homework. Ring me up if you are having trouble with home schooling.

We have lost two great Islanders this week. Tom Furino has passed after a medical emergency. Our condolences go out to Barbara, Michael, and all their family and friends.

Lee Fierro died off-Island at an assisted living facility near family in Ohio. Lee was a driving force behind Island Theater Workshop. She worked tirelessly with her friend, Mary Payne, bringing theater and performances to our Island population. Their special skill was with children. Lee is probably remembered for her role in Jaws and the most famous slap in movie history. Lee said they took 17 takes to get that one. She did not hold back any time.

And, not local to us, but deeply embedded in our hearts, I sadly report the death of John Prine on Tuesday. He had the right words and music for every situation.

Anniversary greetings go out to Sunshine Iles and Eric Castaldo. During lockdown, Eric is doing a fabulous cooking show from his own kitchen every night. Catch it if you can at 5 p.m.

Belated birthday wishes to my dear friend, William Carter, who celebrated on April 5; Sandy Jenkinson Ferreira claimed April 6; Mathematician, therapist and author, Muriel Gerhard, celebrated her 95th birthday with a family Zoom party. And the birthday bandwagon pulls along Barbara Kunzelman on April 12. On April 14, Rita McKenna Kean takes the cake. Many happy returns.