Cronig’s Market will be closed on Sundays until further notice, owner Steve Bernier said in a video posted to the store’s Instagram account today.

Mr. Bernier had planned to start Sunday closures with Easter on April 12, but made the decision today to begin this Sunday for the sake of Cronig’s staff, he told viewers.

“The people here ... are very tired,” he said, a raw edge of fatigue in his voice. “We’re healthy but we’re tired, and we need to work together.”

Cronig’s will not offer grocery deliveries or curbside pickup because he and his staff are already overburdened, Mr. Bernier said, pleading with customers to ease up on phone calls to his office.

“There are 5,000 of you and only one of me,” Mr. Bernier said. “Please stop calling me about the everyday stuff that we’re all dealing with. I love to talk with you ... but I’m getting worn out. I’m handling 30 customer interactions a day, I’m not getting my job done and I’m exhausted.”

In his video, Mr. Bernier said the market also is grappling with the challenges of social isolation while shopping.

“I would like to institute something voluntarily with each of you,” he said, asking customers to come to the store less frequently and solo.

“I want you to come in just one person per family per trip,” Mr. Bernier said, further asking customers to assist in spreading the word.

“I believe if we take these steps, we can make a difference,” he said.

“We are going to survive, but how long we have to hold this position, I don’t know.”