I was so sad to learn that a great Islander has passed. John Alley, friend to all, loyal, kind, loving and full of jokes died last week. He was my friend and colleague. John wrote the West Tisbury column for this newspaper for many years. John was the first person I met when I arrived on Martha’s Vineyard, February 4, 1968. Our condolences to his family. Our condolences to all of us. When the lockdown is over we shall meet the breakfast club on the bench at Alley’s store and swap amazing stories.

The Island is pulling together as we do. In all the many kindnesses that have been extended, I must thank Liz Packer of SBS for taking my order over the phone and having it delivered to my front door. Piper Murphy, Wes Stokes and Jim Bishop have helped keep supplies flowing at my house. The Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard has issued a very helpful outline of how they are operating. Call them with any question.

Our homework assignments, talks and learning from the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center and many other services are available online. I used to drive people to vote, pickup groceries for sick and elderly friends, get drugs for them at the pharmacy. Now, much to my dismay, I am counted in the at-risk group. How can this be? Mentally, I am still 17 years old.

I usually read books in season: basketball books, football, baseball, etcetera. Seems like a time for disaster books. I have started off with Midnight in Chernobyl. My lineup for after this book will be to re-read Love in the Time of Cholera, The Masque of the Red Death and the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

Big changes: the Patriots have said farewell to Tom Brady and Steve Gotkowski. I loved them both and wish them well. I am sure you have heard by now the Summer Olympics have been postponed for one year. So many changes.

People are doing crafts, art and music at home. I hope you are fitting in time to read and write as well. Chronicling this experience will be an interesting assignment.

Our friend Tamma arrived safely back in Texas yesterday. Her daughter and grandchildren, the large supportive family of in laws, welcomed her and got her back into the swing of life in San Marcos. Tamma reported it was 92 degrees there yesterday.

I received a picture last night of my oldest grandson at a hospital in Illinois, hooked up to something. I was frightened till I checked with his Dad. Apparently, on his 16th birthday, yesterday, Corbyn went and donated blood for the first time. What a young man.

Our condolences to Bonnie Fyfe. Her new pet chicken, Sophie, did not make it. But Bonnie gave Sophie a wonderful few weeks of loving and spoiling. All God’s creatures, great and small.

Belated birthday bouquets to Marilyn Van Tine who celebrated March 22. My grandson, Corbyn Clark-Garza, shared his 16th on March 24 with Babette Benoit. My friend and caregiver, Bobbie Jo Sears, wants to note the birthday of her beloved mother, Janet Murray, who passed nine years ago. Janet was a loving Mom and quite a jokester as I have been told. Meanwhile, Anita Cimeno, mother of eight, grandmom to many, and former nurse at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, will be 88 on April 3. Anita is residing at Windemere so we cannot have our usual big party for her. If you would like to send her a card, do so: Anita Cimeno/ c/o Windemere, 1 Hospital Road, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557. Many happy returns.