The weather has been in the 40s and 50s and we have enjoyed many sunny days to ease the burden of presently being glued to the television whether we wish to be or not. Aquinnah is much more quieter than the usual winter solitude. A few seasonal residents have arrived to spend their social distancing time in a place of serenity. Happy spring.

One would never imagine that we would have such an aggressive pathogen affecting people around the world. The news each day is devastating.

I am busy practicing social distancing and isolation after spending a week at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and doing absolutely nothing. I would like to thank Patricia, Adam, Vanessa, Ed B., Sophie, Alice R., Deb D., Sandy, Olivia, Dustin, Eric, Glen, Ellen, Lesa J., Tiffany, Patty, Howard, Mary F., Courtney, Crystal, Robbie, Molly, John C., Linda, Bea W., Joe, Janice, Eric P., Morningstar, Linsay, Mary Alice, Liz W., Kamila, Shon, Zoe, Melody, Justin, Debbie S., Altero, Barbara F., housekeeping and dietary assistants, and, of course, Dr. Guiney, Dr. Barnes, Dr. Diebold, Dr. Dodge, Dr. Litwak and Dr. Nesse. They were all a major part of my hospital stay. I had the best of care and for now I am resting comfortably at home being cared for by my Paul, Theresa and Noah.

Thank you one and all. And no, it is not because of Covid-19!

As community liaison to USCG Station Menemsha Spouse’s Association, my great friends from Station Menemsha surprised me with a visit while at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, including Joel Behr, Joshua Boytek and his son Logan, Justus Christopher, David Galan, Tanner Poe, Jacob Waters-Maciel and Brian Wood. They had just attended a meeting regarding housing across the Vineyard for the crew and their families — a never ending story.

USCG BM2 Joel Behr will report to the Polar Star following the summer. The Polar Star is the Coast Guard Cutter that makes an annual trek to Antartica. Joel is looking forward to serving aboard.

USCG BM3 Justus Christopher recently received his coxswains certificate.

Due to school vacation and illness, the USCG Menemsha Spouses Association fundraising spaghetti dinner was postponed. Now that things have changed around the world, that is on hold. However, we are planning on participating in the second annual Station Menemsha open house in May. Stay tuned.

Sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Sherman Burnham who passed away this week. Sherm assisted our family in several building projects over the years. He had a great sense of humor and was a man of honor along with his partner the late George Magnuson.

Condolences to the family and friends of Rosalie Humphreys Powell. Rosalie and her family enjoyed their summer homes at Lobsterville over the decades. She was a homemaker, teaching skills to many people over the years including sewing, rug hooking, cooking through private lessons as well as in her roles as the Dukes County Extension Service coordinator and a 4-H leader.

Happy 38th anniversary wishes to Michael and Carol Mayrand on March 26.

Happy Birthday to Beth Erickson on March 21; Albert Metros will be two years old on March 21; Heidi Stutz and her twin Cynthia Stutz Craig will party on March 22, sharing the day with Ellen Reynolds and Annette Anthony; Dan Sauer will party on March 23 as will Renee Metell, Paul Galbraith, Nanauwe Ama Vanderhoop, Hal Child and Dwight Kaeka; March 24 is a day of celebration for Karen VanBrakle, Faith West Williams, Rya Baird and Aretha Witham; Gary Foster parties on March 25 in a quiet Los Angeles, sharing the day with James Benoit, Emma Mayhew and Eloise Boales; Michael Marshall, Mason Jeffers and Anita Keegan share the day on March 26; Douglas Asselin, Sr., Tauras Biskis, Brenda Smith and Lynne Silva party on March 27.