Enjoying this early spring like weather immensely with sun filled days welcoming spring with temperatures in the 50s and nearing the 60s.

Have spent the past week learning as much as possible about the coronavirus, it is still rather puzzling to many. I will be attending less meetings this month until more is learned about the virus. In the meantime, it is all still a mystery around the world. Personally, I will follow recommendations from the Center for Disease Control.

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah will be discussed at the Aquinnah Library Book Club on March 19 at 3:30 p.m.

Shaun MacPhail, Alexandra Taylor and their daughters Olive and Violet returned home this past week from their annual vacation in the Caribbean with grandparents Captain Hugh and Jeanne Taylor.

Noah Manning and his mother Theresa traveled to Manhattan over the weekend with Jennie DeVivo and Rocco Imbrogno. They had intended to attend the Food Network but due to the Covid-19 virus, the studios were closed. So, in the meantime, they attended The Book of Mormon on Broadway. Theresa and Noah traveled to Brooklyn to visit with Max and Val Lilavois. There was also a dinner in Little Italy, a visit to Rockefeller Plaza, shopping on Fifth Avenue, and shopping at the Supreme Store without a waiting line. All in all they had a grand time as Noah and Rocco started their two-week vacation from Falmouth Academy.

Memorial services for Douglas John Fortes will be held on March 14 at Chapman, Cole, and Gleason Funeral Home at 10 a.m., followed by burial at Oak Grove Cemetery in Tisbury.

Happy 67th anniversary wishes to Ted and Shirley Dewing on March 9.

Happy 32nd anniversary wishes to Albert and Linda Fischer on March 20.

Happy Birthday wishes to Iona Winter Kelley who was four years old on March 9.

James V. Taylor celebrated his special day on March 12. Nina P. Butler parties on March 13, sharing the day with Louise Petersiel. Jay Smalley parties on March 14. Tammy Conroy and Jib Ellis share the day on March 15. Rodeo Langer will be a teenager on March 16, sharing the day with Danny Larsen, Michael Stutz, Taylor Ives, Meghan Smith, Natalie Francis and John Floros. Gabriel Olsen will be nine years old on March 17 sharing the day with Melissa Bankoff.

My dear publisher Jane Seagrave will celebrate her special day on March 18. Marshall Carroll will celebrate on March 19. Kristie Mayhew will party on March 20.