Edgartown residents Tom and Dianne Durawa, who were marooned at sea for weeks aboard the MS Westerdam cruise ship amid global concerns over the coronavirus, are back home on the Vineyard. According to local health officials the couple has placed themselves under self-imposed quarantine.

In a Feb. 18 press release, Edgartown town administrator James Hagerty stated that Matt Poole, the Edgartown board of health agent, has been in communication with the Durawas and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

“Based on the most up to date precautionary recommendations from the MA DPH, the individuals will voluntary self isolate for fourteen days with concurrent status checks every 48 hours,” the press release stated.

“Public and private health care professionals have been notified at every level, and the town will follow the guidance, recommendations, and protocol of the MA DPH Epidemiologist.”

Reached by phone, Mr. Hagerty added that the Durawas will check in with town health agent Matt Poole every 48 hours to see if they have symptoms, including a cough or fever. The couple have not yet shown any symptoms.

A spokesman from the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital reiterated that the Edgartown health agent would be checking on the Durawas.

“Martha’s Vineyard Hospital has been in communication with the health agents in Edgartown and feels assured that the Edgartown couple are low risk according to federal and state criteria as long as they are symptom free,” said Claire Seguin, chief clinical and quality officer at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. “With that said, it is important to put the coronavirus in context. The relative risk of contracting coronavirus remains low. For comparison, a normal flu season kills 20,000 to 50,000 people in the U.S. according to the C.D.C.”

The Durawas embarked on the cruise aboard the Netherlands-flagged cruise ship from Singapore on Jan. 16. They toured Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam before stopping in Hong Kong on Feb. 1, where some passengers left the ship and new passengers came aboard, just as global concerns over the coronavirus were ramping up. The ship was then refused further ports of call.

The passengers were tested on board for the virus and according to a tweet from the World Health Organization there were no confirmed illnesses. On Feb. 13, the ship was given clearance to dock at Sihanoukville, Cambodia and passengers began disembarking over a period of days.

However, in a statement posted on its website Sunday, Holland America Line said one passenger on the MS Westerdam was tested in Malaysia and reported positive for the virus.

“Guests who have already returned home will be contacted by their local health department and be provided further information,” the website states.

In a post after arriving back home to the Vineyard, Mrs. Durawa said the couple will be exercising caution.

“Our plan now is to stay away from people,” she wrote. “There is so much information and misinformation concerning this situation and we don’t want people to worry about us or themselves.”

“Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and concerns during the last two weeks,” Mrs. Durawa  added. “We are very happy to report that we are home in Edgartown. We left the ship in the early morning of Feb. 14. and were welcomed by the Prime Minister of Cambodia.”

During their time at sea Ms. Durawa kept a running chronicle of their journey through email dispatches, including how the passengers and crew made the best of a difficult situation.

“Three laps of the deck is a mile, and we have done that daily,” she wrote. “Speakers provide education, meals continue to be fine, music programs are available and we have entered trivial pursuit competitions.”

Back at home she posted they will continue to stay busy.

“We will be sorting mail, unpacking and working taxes! Maybe sending out another batch of photos!”