Tisbury town officials erred twice when they posted an agenda for selectmen to meet in Boston during the Massachusetts Municipal Association’s annual convention Jan. 25.

“Because we were all going to be together at this meeting, we thought it wise to do the usual posting . . . not that we expected townspeople to get on a boat and go up to Boston to see us,” said board chairman Melinda Loberg, explaining the gaffe at the selectmen’s meeting last Wednesday.

“We made an error in that we posted specific topics that we were going to discuss, which was really not planned, or never materialized,” she said.

The meeting did not take place as posted, Mrs. Loberg said, adding that the agenda was meant to let residents know that selectmen would be gathering in Boston, although they would not be making decisions or taking votes.

The second error occurred after the agenda was issued Thursday afternoon, when town employees pinned it to a bulletin board at town hall but failed to post it to the municipal website.

Town administrator Jay Grande and executive assistant Alexandra Kral jointly took responsibility for the oversight, attributing it to the document’s late arrival on the eve of their departure for the convention.

While the town has no policy requiring meeting notices and agendas to be posted online, Mr. Grande said it is his expectation that they will be published there.

Meanwhile, not long after their return from Boston, selectmen discovered they had been meeting for several months behind a banner with an incorrect date for the town’s incorporation.

The banner, hung in front of the selectmen’s table, is emblazoned with the town seal and encircling words that read “Tisbury, Mass., Incorporated July 8, 1961.”

The town was actually incorporated in 1671, a town resident noted during public comment.

Ms. Kral said the banner was made last summer. Following adjournment, she bundled it up and carried it away.