A 26-foot sailboat that broke loose in rough seas last week and went aground near the Little Bridge has been secured, Oak Bluffs harbor master Todd Alexander said Friday.

The Rum Dog, owned by Brian O’Gorman of Chilmark, according to the harbor master, left its anchor last Sunday in strong northeast winds and wound up in the shallow inlet at the bridge that spans the Harthaven end of Sengekontacket and Nantucket Sound. The boat was unmanned.

The perilous positioning in the channel required the town to act, Mr. Alexander said. “It was swamped. It’s a liability, kids can climb on it. It can be dangerous, We wanted to get it out of there.”

Seatow, a private boat towing company, was hired to pull the vessel from the shallows, Mr. Alexander said. He said the town paid $3,000 for the tow, and will not press charges against the boat owner.

The sailboat is temporarily tied up to a town mooring. If it is not claimed by its owner, Mr. Alexander said it will be disposed of.