The three-day music festival planned for August in Vineyard Haven has received clearance from the town to serve alcohol. Selectmen unanimously voted to allow the sale of beer and wine at the Beach Road Weekend after a public hearing on Friday morning.

A license was granted to businessman JB Blau, who owns multiple Island establishments including the Copper Wok in Vineyard Haven and the Loft in Oak Bluffs. Mr. Blau has partnered with festival organizer Adam Epstein for the event and said his familiarity with the town and town laws will be an asset to the festival.

“We’re very involved with a lot of the rules in this town,” Mr. Blau said. “We take it very seriously . . . I have a license. I have to stand before you every year.”

Organized by Innovation, Arts and Entertainment, the festival will run from August 9 to August 11 in Veterans Memorial Park. Attendance is expected to number in the thousands for all three days.

On Friday selectmen voted to allow beer and wine to be sold to people over 21 during festival hours until one half hour before closing. Each person will be limited to a maximum of eight drinks per day as tracked by tabs on wristbands. People will not be allowed to purchase more than two drinks at a time, and drinks will need to be purchased with food.

Mr. Blau said servers will be certified to recognize overconsumption.

Peter Scott, a town resident who lives near the park, attended the meeting to register his concerns.

“I guess I’m just playing against the option of serving,” he said. “I think the decision should be on its merits of putting on music, and I don’t think it needs an additional help from the town in this sense by granting this permit.”

Another town resident Michael Watts asked about the possibility of alcohol increasing the town’s liability for the event. Mr. Blau said he and Mr. Epstein would both be insured. Town administrator Jay Grande said town counsel had also been consulted.

“Our town counsel communications have indicated that the board is within its jurisdictional rights to and is allowed to issue a license,” Mr. Grande said.

Police chief Mark Saloio told selectmen he was confident in the safety plan.

“I’m not saying there won’t be challenges, but I’m saying that overall, it’s extremely likely this will be a safe event,” Chief Saloio said. He added that not selling beer and wine could incentivize people to smuggle alcohol into the event.

Under the town’s contract with organizers, Innovation Arts will pay the town an additional $15,000 now that the festival will include the sale of alcohol.