About a dozen Island girls wearing scrunchies, sneakers and socks with sheep on them worked combinations over and over again on Saturday morning with Kayleigh Lucci, a hip hop dancer and founding member of Boston’s all women dance crew We The Females.

“This is super loosy-goosy and then it’s hit—hit,” Ms. Lucci said, demonstrating in front of the studio mirrors at Blitz fitness in West Tisbury. “You can make it as big as you want. I’m going to say this over and over: do what you want to do with this.”

Ms. Lucci’s class was the first of an all-day workshop from members of We The Females over the weekend. Dancer choreographers from the hip hop collective visited the Island as part of Island Hip Hop’s end of year jam, performing with students Friday night and leading the Saturday classes.

Island Hip Hop founder and professional dancer Alise Eve recently returned to the Island after years dancing in Boston and New York. She said though not all of her students are girls, she wanted to show them that there is a place for adult women leaders in hip hop.

She remembered a transformative moment when her hip hop teacher Kelly Peters brought Nu Stylz, Missy Elliot’s choreographers to the Island. She said it is crucial to have exposure to different teachers and styles.

“I think it’s important for young girls to see what they can become. Dance, although heavily female, a lot of it is male dominated,” she said. “I want everyone to learn from as many people as they can.”

Alecia (Lady Ice) Brown, an artist and member of We The Females, said the all-women dance environment has been liberating. She said most hip hop crews and classes in Boston are led by men.

“It’s less intimidating. Men use their chest in a different way. We focus on hips. How we move is different. Learning from men, they teach differently,” she said.

The crew was founded in January. The dancers take turns leading rehearsals and pool their resources to rent studio space. They’ve already had seven performances this year, but Yiota (YoYio) Kariotis-Zeitinidis said community service work is a major tenet of theirs.

“One of our main goals as a company is to be able to do youth outreach and inspire young women to follow their dreams and work hard,” she said. “To be able to do that through art is a great thing.”