West Tisbury selectmen this week debated how much oversight they should have over two issues: the regional high school budget and one-day beer and wine permits.

Selectmen received a letter from superintendent of schools Dr. Matthew D’Andrea asking for their permission to use $229,000 in leftover funds in the high school budget for unplanned transportation and facilities costs. Four Island towns need to approve the spending.

Selectmen Jeffrey (Skipper) Manter 3rd, who also serves on the high school committee, said selectmen should call a special town meeting on the issue to let West Tisbury voters decide.

“I think it’s important that people be allowed to debate the issue and decide independently,” he said at the regular Wednesday meeting. “Whether or not the other towns have already said so.”

His colleagues were unconvinced.

“I think the members of the high school board are in a much better position to know what to do with their money then the populous in general,” Kent Healey said.

They opted not to call a meeting, granting approval by default.

On a seperate matter, Mr. Manter raised concerns about selectmen’s process for allowing one-day beer and wine licenses in town. On that issue, he failed again to find common ground with his fellow selectmen.

“I think there should be some sort of criteria rather than just approving them as they come in,” Mr. Manter said. He specifically emphasized the perceived sale of alcohol and use of alcohol in residential areas as causes for concern.

Cynthia Mitchell said the town is not in the business of policing alcohol. Mr. Healey pointed out that the events where beer and wine are served are also reviewed by other town boards. Selectmen took no action to alter the process.

In other business, at the suggestion of police chief Matthew Mincone, selectmen raised the West Tisbury police detail rates for providing law enforcement security from $55 per hour to $60. The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital will be charged $90 an hour for security detail.

Selectmen also accepted a $20,000 grant from the Biber Foundation for the West Tisbury Public Library.