The roof of the Oak Bluffs fire station debuted a new look Sunday morning following the recent installation of solar panels by Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC).

CVEC manager Liz Argo said the nearly 300 panels in the solar array are expected to generate roughly 136,000 in kilowatt hours per year of electricity, significantly more than the 93,000 kilowatt hours the facility needs. Any excess energy will go toward supplemental power for other town buildings.

“It’s going to match all the consumption of the fire station, and maybe a little bit more,” she said. “We’re literally putting a little power plant on the roof of these facilities so they are generating their own power.”

Ms. Argo said the project was financed by Sunwealth Power, headquartered in Somerville, and installed by Alliance Clean Energy (ACE Solar) of North Andover.

The installation is the latest in CVEC’s mission to provide its 17 member municipalities on the Cape and Vineyard — which include all Island towns except Aquinnah — with savings on electric bills. The nonprofit cooperative established in 2007 finances large renewable energy projects in participating towns, water/fire districts, counties and schools.

According to a press release, the fire station project is part of round three of CVEC’s master plan with a goal of adding another megawatt of renewable energy to CVEC’s current output of 34 megawatts across the region’s 25 installations. Seven towns, including Oak Bluffs, will be beneficiaries of round three projects, with residents and businesses in the towns able to purchase discount solar systems.

The first two rounds involved installing solar arrays on capped landfills, including in West Tisbury and Tisbury. In round four, set to be completed sometime in 2020, the group aims to produce an estimated additional 12 megawatts.

Ms. Argo said CVEC is eyeing the Oak Bluffs School for the next project and is currently in negotiations with a vendor to install a solar array at the Oak Bluffs capped landfill, paid for with a $12,500 grant to the town.

She said the group is also looking to invest in more electric vehicles and charging stations for members.

“It’s all about saving the towns money,” she said.