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Two Oak Bluffs police officers became marine mammal rescuers Tuesday night when they helped guide a rogue seal back into Nantucket Sound from the middle of the road.

Oak Bluffs Sgt. Michael Marchand said the seal was spotted just past the Little Bridge at about 7 p.m. after a car coming from Edgartown swerved to avoid it. He said the driver informed two officers on patrol nearby that the seal was in the road. Officers Seth Harlow and Jim Bishop went to investigate, and then returned quickly to the station for some items to help with the task at hand.

“They got a warm, clean trash barrel from the station,” Sergeant Marchard said. “They put it in the trash barrel and walked it to the ocean.”

Mr. Marchand said the officers covered the opening of the trash can with a flattened cardboard box to keep the seal inside, and made a path with their flashlights through the sand. He said they then walked with the seal in tow down to the water, releasing it safely into the sound.

The sergeant praised the officers for their quick thinking and response.

“We deal with unusual occurrences from time to time and this is certainly one of them,” he said.