It was mighty chilly at the end of last week. In fact, we finally had a proper freeze. Sadly, all the plectranthus are dead. They had survived a first few frosts and still looked fabulous.

The dahlias can now be lifted. I had them look terrible but still had nice young growth at the ground.

Once they are lifted, I pack them in peat moss and store them in a root cellar. How I wish I could say Be sure to label them according to size and color…that train left the station long ago. No matter, they always give me pleasure wherever they are planted next spring.

Several years ago, a truck carrying a new septic tank wrecked on State Road. My son, Jeremiah, purchased the damaged tank and made a root cellar at his house. It is perfect for winter storage. It’s about four feet by 10 and just enough room for a short person to stand. It probably is not sufficient in the event of a doomsday scenario but adequate for food storage.

I write this week on Monday before the big holiday. The weather forecast is for very cold temperatures on Thanksgiving. For once, I think I will follow my own advice and tend to some vegetables that still remain in the garden.

I think I will go ahead and pull the rest of the beets. They get an unpleasing texture if they get too cold in the ground. They can be placed upright in a fish tote with all the dirt attached and stored in a cool area for a few weeks.

This is also true of celeriac as it tends to get mushy outside. Hopefully, I will use them in a timely fashion–certainly before Christmas.

I picked some tiny radishes. I had planted them in an unheated greenhouse about three weeks ago. They were about the size of peas but very flavorful. I used the greens as well since they were so small and tender.

As I mentioned last week, I continue to be enamored by the maple trees this fall. There are so many varieties and sporting various fall colors. Check out the two near the stone pillars at the entrance to Winyah Lane.

The bulbs have finally arrived. I’ve had it with bending over and/or getting on my knees. I dug holes a foot in diameter about nine inches deep. I threw five or six both daffodils and tulips in the hole with some bulb tone. I never bothered straightening them up with their roots down. A two-inch layer of dirt and then I tossed about 10 crocuses on top. After covering the hole and stomping, I spread some bulb tone on top. I figured the skunk could lick it rather than digging everything up.

I was sad to hear this week about the death of Peter Simon. I have a “he’s really a good sport” story from 30 years ago.

His car broke down in front of my house (remember, this was before cell phones). We were about to sit down to a home-killed pork supper and naturally asked him to join us while he waited for a ride. I did not know him at the time. He fished something out of his mouth, set the object on the side of his plate and continued eating.

When I cleared the table, there on the side of his plate was the bullet. He never said a word. R.I.P Peter!

I consider myself a progressive Democrat (no kidding). However, I am distressed that some of the newer members of Congress fail the see the benefits of Nancy Pelosi. If not for her, there would be no Affordable Care Act.

She can whip her caucus into shape better than most. I hate to think that her age and gender are a factor but who else can do the job? Why do the Republicans continue to pick on her? They know how effective she is.