There’s double trouble at Farm Neck this weekend. Well, doubles trouble.

Not only is the tennis and golf club hosting the first ever men’s senior national USTA tournament in the Island’s history, they’re doing it in a round robin format, with each of the 50 teams playing a minimum of three matches. That’s a lot of tennis for players 60 and over, and a lot of fun for everyone else, regardless of age.

“We’ve never had an adult tournament before,” said tournament organizer Mas Kimball. “It’s a big deal for us.

The tournament begins Friday, Sept. 28 and runs through Sunday. Players are traveling from 13 different states, including California, Oregon and Mississippi to participate in each of the four age divisions: 60, 65, 70 and 75. Floridian and former world seniors number one Larry Turville, along with former national champions Mark Thompson and Ed Cunningham, headline the list of accomplished players who will duke it out for eternal fame, glory, prestige...and 300 USTA points.

“Hey, it does make a dent in your rankings,” Mr. Kimball said.

Mr. Kimball had the idea for hosting the tournament when a similar seniors event in Chatham fell apart last year.

“It was very popular, great camaraderie, and I thought people loved that tournament so much I should resurrect it,” Mr. Kimball said.

He hopes to make it more of an event than simply a seniors tennis tournament.

“It can’t be just about the tennis. It has to be about all the things that happen around the tennis,” Mr. Kimball said.

In that spirit, the tournament will have a raffle during its players banquet on Saturday. Tickets for the banquet remain available for purchase at $25, with the chance to win a trip to the Bahamas in the drawing.

“For 25 bucks you get a great venue, and you get to meet some of these world class players. It will be a lot of fun,” Mr. Kimball said.