Eat chocolate every day. Yup, you read that right. Every day. At least that’s the instructions of Not Your Sugar Mamas founders Bennett Coffey and Kyleen Keenan in their new cookbook, appropriately titled Chocolate Every Day. The pair talked about their book, their business, and yes, their daily chocolate consumption last Wednesday evening at Bunch of Grapes Bookstore in Vineyard Haven.

Starting with chocolate was the beginning of Ms. Keenan's health journey. — Ray Ewing

Both certified holistic nutrition counselors, Ms. Coffey and Ms. Keenan founded their business in 2011, when Ms. Coffey first introduced Ms. Keenan to the wonders of raw cacao (not to be confused with it’s sweet counterpart cocoa).

“It was the first time I had tried something and felt a difference right after I ate it,” Ms. Keenan explained.

“I remember her eyes lighting up and her saying, I’m going to help you sell this!” Ms. Coffey said.

Not Your Sugar Mamas founders Bennett Coffey and Kyleen Keenan. — Ray Ewing

From there the women began their quest to share their love of cacao treats with the world—a journey that began as a business and has now led them to a cookbook which includes over 85 plant-based recipes. They said they had always talked about creating a cookbook, as they wanted others to not only be able to try their sweets, but to make them in their own kitchens at home.

“A lot of typical chocolate cookbooks are kind of advanced, in that there’s tempering and it can get really complicated and tricky,” Ms. Coffey said. “But this book makes it really simple. Everything is super basic and accessible for everybody.”

The cookbook features photos of each dessert, drink and snack, all shot by photographer Elizabeth Cecil. From maple-glazed chocolate doughnuts to chocolate beet lava cakes, the book has a recipe for any occasion. The gooey fudge and fluffy pastries are mouth-watering in the pages of book, but looked even better in person.

When the topic is chocolate, it's an all ages cookbook party. — Ray Ewing

The chocolatiers passed cacao indulgences around the room as they answered questions from event attendees. The treat that elicited the most audible “yums” also graces the cover of the cookbook: chocolate bark with fresh pomegranate seeds.

“It’s melt in your mouth,” one satisfied chocolate-lover said between bites.

Guests also reached for squares of fudge and cacao-chip cookies.

“Starting with chocolate was the beginning of my health journey,” Ms. Keenan said. “Usually people probably start with a green juice. But Bennett introduced me to chocolate and I feel like it’s a great introduction to a really powerful superfood.”

Chocolate is on the menu – again and again and again. — Ray Ewing

The pair also discussed the health benefits of cacao in the introduction of the cookbook, emphasizing it’s power as a natural antidepressant, an age defier, and even a bliss chemical. Others have agreed, as Not Your Sugar Mamas chocolate is available at grocers Island-wide, as well as Whole Foods and Amazon.

Ms. Coffey and Ms. Keenan concluded the evening with a book signing, thanking attendees for supporting the cookbook and their store. The table containing a trove of treats at the beginning of the event sat empty, the plates appearing as if they could have been licked clean.

To try some treats for yourself, visit the Not Your Sugar Mamas store, located in the Tisbury Market Place, 79 Beach Road #16, Vineyard Haven.