Keikilane and Leokani Lindsey, of the Hawaiian father-son group Mele’uhane, first visited Martha’s Vineyard in June of 2016 to sing and welcome the Hawaiian voyaging canoe Hokule’a during her three-day stay at Packer’s wharf. They returned again 2017 and played at various venues, including the Edgartown School, Tisbury Senior center, Farmers’ Market and a packed house at the Katharine Cornell Theatre.

This Saturday, June 23, they return to perform at the Katharine Cornell Theatre for a concert beginning at 7 p.m.

The Hawaiian musical duo said the Vineyard has come to feel like another Island home.

“We had visited before to backup our good friend John Cruz,” Keikilane said. “But in 2016 we really got to know the Island and its welcoming folks. We felt right at home, just like we do in our own islands thousands of miles away. We are really, under the skin, all islanders.”

Last year, after the Katharine Cornell show, the duo hit the town, sitting in for a few numbers during a Willy Mason performance at the Ritz, digging more deeply into a blues tradition. Over the past year they have begun to merge Hawaiian and blues traditions with jazz improv to create a new sound Keikilane calls “Hawaiian Jazz.”

Also new this year is a third member of the group, Kaneala, another of Keikilane’s sons.

“Kaneala adds a whole new dimension to our sound,” Keikilane said. “He plays bass and brings in a creamy sweet third-part harmony and occasionally he does a bit of piano work. Plus, it’s just plain good fun to travel and play with my two sons.”

Tickets for Saturday’s show at the Katharine Cornell Theatre are available at the door or on for $15.