What follows is the list of awards given to Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students at the annual honors night ceremony held Thursday, May 24 at the high school Performing Arts Center.

Maria Thibodeau

Valedictorian: Rose Engler

Salutatorian: Garrett Zeilinger

Class Essayist: Elizabeth Williamson

Top 20 Seniors: Rose Engler, Garrett Zeilinger, Elizabeth Williamson, Marissa D’Antonio, Nicolas Andre, John Morris, Benjamin Tillman, Katharine Roberts, Meghan Sawyer, Margarett Burke, Samuel Bresnick, Evan Sauter, Kiana Casey, Bennington Whalen, Curtis Fisher, Samantha Cassidy, Evelyn Medeiros, Samuel Rollins, Marguerite Mayhew, Matthew Perzanowski.

Departmental Awards

Maria Thibodeau

Art: Excellence in drawing and painting: Kayla Oliver. Excellence in photography and Graphics: Tyla Packish. Excellence in 3D-design and architecture: Kieran Karabees and Christian King. Excellence in crafts and sculpture: Olin Gannon and Sayln Yancey.

Computers: Excellence in game design: Juan Sanchez Roa. Excellence in programming: Brandon Pinelli. Excellence in interactive art: Annabelle Thomas. Excellence in computing systems: Nolan Pavlik.

Athletics: Sportsmanship award: Meghan Sawyer and Samuel Rollins. Outstanding student-athlete in academics: Rose Engler and John Morris. Outstanding student-athlete in competition: Lily Pigott and John Morris. Unsung heroine/hero: Elizabeth Williamson and Zachary Moreis.

Business: Excellence in accounting: Richard Barlett. Excellence in freshman skills: Ashtyn Watts. Outstanding business student: Deimantas Gedvilas. Outstanding entrepreneur: Gabriel Nelson. Department award: Allyse Guyther.

Maria Thibodeau

Career and Technical Education: (Presented by Barbara-jean Chauvin) Excellence in automotive: Mathias Jacob Gundersen. Excellence in building trades: Hudson Simmons. Excellence in culinary arts: Sean O’Malley. Excellence in health assisting: Alana Morris and Jacqueline Freire. Excellence in landscape/horticulture: Devon Teves. Excellence in radio: Malick Burke. Excellence in seamanship: Otto Osmers. MVA presidential award: Connor Bettencourt. MVA presidential award for most improved CTE student: Caitlin Houghton. MAVA MA outstanding vocational student: Luiz Macol Oliveira (award given to student at MAVA ceremony).

English: Excellence in English, grade 9: Leo Neville, Madeline Chronister, Maria Clara Lacerda, and Zachary Smith. Excellence in English, grade 10: Alexandra Rego, Ruby Suman, Anne Culbert, and Imani Hall. Excellence in English, grade 11: Astoria Hall, Jillian Pyden, Mackenzie Condon, and Victoria Scott. Excellence in English, grade 12: Margarett Burke and Elizabeth Williamson.

John D. Morelli Award for Excellence in English: Rose Engler and Opal Wortmann.

Maria Thibodeau

New England Scholastic Press Association Special Achievement Awards: All-New England Award: Rose Engler, Henry Hitchings, and Mackenzie Condon. Highest achievement award: Rose Engler, Henry Hitchings, and Mackenzie Condon. Mackenzie Condon, news story: New track promises community support. Mackenzie Condon and Alexis Condon: news story: Nor’easter traps vacationers off-island. Daniel Rivard, news photo: Band establishes a community presence. Elizabeth Williamson, bylined column: Lost and Found. Emily Gazzaniga, feature story: Volunteers experience global exchange.

Foreign Languages: Award for leadership in Portuguese as a foreign language: Leolani Kaeka and Joshua Dix. Award for leadership in Portuguese as a native/heritage language: Reinaldo dos Santos, Nattielly Dias, and Belle Hattingh. Award for leadership in French: Adeline Hayman. Award for leadership in Spanish: Katherine Morse, Astoria Hall, Elizabeth Williamson, and Dillon McAndrews. Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Awards: Award for leadership in foreign language: Brianna de Oliveira. Award for excellence in Spanish: Katharine Roberts. Award for excellence in French: Victoria Scott. Award for excellence in Portuguese (highest grade at highest level): Bhrenda Galdino.

Maria Thibodeau

History and Social Studies: U.S. history I, consistent work of excellence: Brant Maynard and Rachel Salop. U.S. History II, consistent work of excellence: Melissa Lacerda and Kevaughn Glenn. Global history I, consistent work of excellence: Harold Lawry V and Josue Dos Santos. Global history II, consistent work of excellence: Katharine Roberts and Shannon Levesque. AP modern European history award, excellence in AP modern European history: Larner Peak; AP US history award. excellence in AP U.S. history: Vito Aiello; AP world history award, excellence in AP world history: Mackenzie Condon and Colin Henke.

Math: Excellence in algebra I: Gabriella Carr. Excellence in algebra II: Nicole deBettencourt. Excellence in advanced algebra II: Ruby Suman. Excellence in geometry: Vito Aiello. Excellence in advanced geometry: Peter Gillis. Excellence in pre-calculus: Isabelle Custer. Excellence in pre-AP calculus: Astoria Hall. Excellence in AP calculus: Jaiden Edelman. Excellence in AP statistics: Astoria Hall.

Maria Thibodeau

Performing Arts: Excellence in performing groups: Band: Marissa D’Antonio. Chorus: Evelyn Higgins. Jazz band: Jacob Hairston. Excellence in drama: Acting: Samantha Cassidy and Emily Hewson. Choreography: Elizabeth Williamson. Directing and stage management: Violet Cabot. Jim Novack Where In Heck Did That Come From: Curtis Fisher. Department award: Emily Hewson. Department service award: Josephine Orr.

Physical Education: Outstanding achievement in physical education: Grade 9: Zachary Smith and Grace O’Malley. Grade 10: Caitlyn McHugh and Jaiden Edelman. Grade 11: Colby Balboni and Emma Van Lohuizen. Grade 12: Alex Vasiliadis and Shannon Levesque. Student leadership award: Josephine Orr and James Norton.

Science: Excellence in biology: Alexandra Rego and Andrea Pachico. Excellence in AP biology: Abigail Hammarlund. Excellence in chemistry: Katherine O’Brien and Nolan Pavlik. Excellence in AP chemistry: David Krauthamer. Excellence in earth science: Ethan Creato and Anna Luiza Rodrigues. Excellence in physics: Astoria Hall. Excellence in AP physics: Katharine Roberts.

Maria Thibodeau

National Honor Society Spring Inductees: Seniors: Leolani Kaeka. Juniors: Aidan Nunes, Andrew Karlinsky, Astoria Hall, Nathaniel Garcia, Samuel Cranston. National School Development Council Awards: Mackenzie Condon and Jason Davey.

Book Awards: Harvard College book club award: Adeline Hayman. Smith College book award: Emma Searle. Dartmouth College book award: Mackenzie Condon. St. Michael’s College book award: Isabelle Custer and Owen Bresnick. Mount Holyoke book award: Victoria Scott. Wellesley College book award: Allyse Guyther. University of Notre Dame book award: Owen Porterfield. Brown University book award: Astoria Hall. MIT Club of Cape Cod: David Krauthamer. George Washington University: Alexis Condon.

President’s Education 
Awards Program

Maria Thibodeau

President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence: Nicolas Andre, Samuel Bresnick, Margarett Burke, Kiana Casey, Samantha Cassidy, Marissa D’Antonio, Rose Engler, Curtis Fisher, Marguerite Mayhew, Evelyn Medeiros, John Morris, Matthew Perzanowski, Katharine Roberts, Samuel Rollins, Evan Sauter, Meghan Sawyer, Benjamin Tillman, Bennington Whalen, Elizabeth Williamson, and Garrett Zeilinger.

President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement: Matthew Barton, Susanna Becchio, Gabriel Bellebuono, Cooper Bennett, Anna Bettencourt, Connor Bettencourt, Malick Burke, Rose Capobianco, Riley Craig, Mateus Da Silva, Kanika Datta, Molly deBettencourt, Brianna de Oliveira, Harrison Dorr, Jacqueline Freire, Theodore Gallagher, Greta Gannon, Lohen Goodwin, Walter Greene, Belle Hattingh, Evelyn Higgins, Caitlin Houghton, Sydney Jasny, Leolani Kaeka, Grace Kenney, Hillary Lauer, Rebeca Lima, Dillon McAndrews, Audrey McCarron, Alana Morris, Thiago Muniz, Gabriel Nelson, Lila Norris, Elizabeth O’Brien, Robert Olcott, Sean O’Malley, Otto Osmers, Mia Pagliccia, Larner Peak, Lia Potter, Matteus Scheffer, Hudson Simmons, Opal Wortmann, and Salyn Yancey.

Citizenship Award: Cooper Bennett, Margarett Burke, Kiana Casey, Samantha Cassidy, Jerry Da Silva, Molly deBettencourt, Harrison Dorr, Curtis Fisher, Theodore Gallagher, Joao Goncalves, Walter Greene, Belle Hattingh, Leolani Kaeka, Grace Kenney, Jared Koster, Shannon Levesque, Evelyn Medeiros, Michael Moore, John Morris, Elizabeth O’Brien, Sean O’Malley, Mia Pagliccia, Larner Peak, Matthew Perzanowski, Katharine Roberts, Samuel Rollins, Evan Sauter, Meghan Sawyer, David Sweitzer Jr., Devon Teves, Benjamin Tillman, Bennington Whalen, Elizabeth Williamson, Salyn Yancey, and Garrett Zeilinger.

Consistent Achievement in Honor Roll Status for the First Three Quarters of the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Maria Thibodeau

Seniors, high honors: Margarett Burke, Marissa D’Antonio, Molly deBettencourt, Rose Engler, Katharine Roberts, Meghan Sawyer, Benjamin Tillman, and Bennington Charles Whalen.

Seniors, honors: Sequoia Ahren, Miles Albert, Nicolas Andre, Susanna Becchio, Cooper Bennett, Samuel Bresnick, Kiana Casey, Samantha Cassidy, Kanika Datta, Brianna de Oliveira, Bhrenda Galdino, Deimantas Gedvilas, Evelyn Higgins, Dillon McAndrews, Evelyn Medeiros, John Morris, Thiago Muniz, Amanda Pachico, Mia Pagliccia, Matthew Perzanowski, Lia Potter, Samuel Rollins, Evan Sauter, Elizabeth Williamson, and Garrett Zeilinger.

Juniors, high honors: Richard Barlett, Alexis Condon, Mackenzie Condon, Allyse Guyther, Astoria Hall, Adeline Hayman, Katherine Morse, Victoria Scott, and Jasselle Wildanger.

Maria Thibodeau

Junior, honors: Joao Alves, Owen Bresnick, Garrett Broadley, Zachary Cleland, Isabelle Custer, Nattielly Dias, Reinaldo dos Santos, Owen Engler, Skylar Eddy, Alley Estrella, Faidra Hansen, Colin Henke, Henry Hitchings, Gus Hoy, Kelly Klaren, David Krauthamer, Harold Lawry V, Abby Marchand, Liam McCarthy, Louise McDonald, Benjamin McMahon, Victoria Miranda, Anna Nitardy, James Norton, Aidan Nunes, Nolan Pavlik, Owen Porterfield, Jillian Pyden, Maxwell Smith, Meghan Sonia, and Emma Van Lohuizen.

Maria Thibodeau

Sophomores, high honors: Vito Aiello, Peter Burke, Anne Culbert, Nicole deBettencourt, Jaiden Edelman, Owen Favreau, Abigail Hammarlund, Jack Holmes, Katherine O’Brien, Spencer Pogue, Joseph Serpa, and Ruby Suman.

Sophomores, honors: Lilliana Ahearn, Madia Bellebuono, Daniel Bonneau, Joseph Bonneau, Molly Carroll, Catherine Cherry, Dashiell Christy, Annabelle Cutrer, Christopher Ferry, Ayanna Fhagen-Smith, Bella Giordano, Imani Hall, Skyla Harthcock, Rose Herman, Chloe Hoff, Thomas Hopkins, Taylor Hughes, Caroline Hurley, Kieran Karabees, Melissa Lacerda, Aleksandra Lakis, Kya Maloney, Emily Mello, Danielle Middleton, Cameron Moore, Tyla Packish, Lauren Pagliccia, Molly Pogue, Paige Pogue, Chesca Quinlan-Potter, Hannah Rabasca, Jeremy Regan, Juan Sanchez Roa, McMahon Sykes, Ava Vigneault, Avalon Weiland, and Colby Zarba.

Freshmen, high honors: Ethan Creato, Peter Gillis, Maria Clara Lacerda, Menasha Leport, Ava Maggi, Ruby Reimann, Eric Reubens, Zachary Smith, and Willa Welch.

Freshmen, honors: Owen Atkins, Parker Ben David, Hannah Best, Hope Bettencourt, Sydney Bierman, Joshua Billings, Sydney Brown, Caleb Burt, Lydia Carlos, Gabriella Carr, Tatum Carreiro, Colleen Carroll, Madeline Chronister, Felix Colon , Chloe Combra, Mathew D’Andrea, Larissa De Oliveira, Ellie Dolby, Maria Frangos, Jacob Gurney, Kate Howell, Ciara Hoyt, Mia Jeffers, Aiden Marek, Brant Maynard, Kiera McCarthy, Maria Menezes, Molly Menton, Owen Metell, Finley Monahan, Amanda Moraes, Stella Napior, Leo Neville, Charlotte Packer, Brandon Pinelli, Nathaniel Porterfield, Max Potter, Cleidinaldo Prata, Katherine Purda, Klara Reimann, Ana Ribeiro, Isaac Richards, Summer Riordon, Anna Luiza Rodrigues, Rachel Salop, Kaya Seiman, Avery Simmons, Owen Steenkamp, Alyssa Strelecki, Margaret Sykes, Annabelle Thomas, Isabella Thorpe, Gabriela Vieira, Micah Vought, Zachary Ward, and Ashtyn Watts.