At a quiet town election Wednesday, Chilmark easily passed all spending articles on a ballot that featured no contested races.

Voter turnout was 15 per cent, with 148 of 990 registered voters casting ballots through the old-fashioned ballot box at the Community Center.

Town clerk Jennifer Christy said turnout was on the lower side but not far from average for a town election.

Chilmark Chocolates dropped off chocolates for voters.

“They said Chilmark needed a little sweetness today,” Ms. Christy said.

Bill Rossi ran unopposed for a third term as selectman, receiving 119 votes. Marshall E. Carroll 3rd was the top vote getter and re-elected as constable with 135 votes.

Also elected without contest were: Leonard Jason Jr., board of assessors, 130 votes; Janet Buhrman, board of health, 124; Jane D. Kaplan, library trustee, 125; Vicki Jamieson Divoll, finance committee, 115; Bruce E. Golden, finance committee, 116; Janet L. Weidner, planning board, 134; Keith L. Emin, tree warden, 134; and Pamela S. Goff, land bank commissioner, 120.

Several elected positions had no candidates listed on the ballot. Donald Leopold received 41 write-in votes for a seat on the finance committee. Julianna Flanders had 35 write-in votes for fence viewer. Laurisa Rich received the most write-in votes for cemetery commissioner with four votes. Keith Emin received the most write-in votes for both a three-year term and one-year term as surveyor of wood, lumber and bark. Elisha Weisner and Josh Scott received the second most votes for the two positions. Eight Proposition 2 1/2 override questions were all easily approved, including $22,332 for the regional emergency communications center, which passed 83 to 59. The spending was rejected on the town meeting floor Monday, making the election result moot.

Voters approved $79,000 for the Tri Town ambulance operating budget, 131-14; $35,000 for the up-Island regional school district budget, 120-26; $9,184 for the CORE program of the up-Island council on aging, 124-21; $5,453 for the Healthy Aging Task Force first stop program, 116-27; $8,163 for the Health Aging Task Force, 117-28; $5,740 for the county substance abuse disorder program, 119-25; and $6,264 for the county social services program, 115-28.