A 71-year-old Edgartown man is facing loss of license and other possible charges after he drove his car through the window of the Edgartown Meat and Fish store at the Triangle Sunday morning.

Richard Berkley was the driver in the incident, which caused significant property damage but no apparent major injuries, according to a police report.

Edgartown police were called to the scene just after 9:30 a.m. Sunday. When they arrived they found the front bay window blown out at Edgartown Meat and Fish and a 2011 Jeep Liberty inside. A customer at the store was on the floor complaining of back pain, according to the report. The customer, identified as Kevin Searle in the police report, said he had been at the counter drinking coffee when the vehicle crashed through the window.

In an interview with police, the driver told police he had been attempting to park in the handicapped spot near the store and believed he hit the accelerator instead of the brake when another car was backing out in front of him.

Mr. Berkley was transported to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for examination as a precaution, police said. They said the driver does have a valid handicap parking permit and uses a cane but it did not appear that the driver suffered from a medical incident at the time of the accident.

The store was evacuated during the response and later closed. Meat and Fish owner Erin Reidy was on the premises along with several other witnesses, the police report said.

Edgartown police officers Ryan Ruley and Zach Townes were the early responders. The Edgartown fire department also responded to the scene and fire chief Alex Schaeffer took incident command. The town building inspector and health agent were called in as well to inspect the premises.

The accident is under investigation. Mr. Berkley is facing a charge of negligent operation of a motor vehicle and possible loss of license.