A 29-year-old Edgartown resident won the right to buy a one-bedroom loft in downtown Edgartown in an affordable housing lottery drawing Monday afternoon.

Daniel Consoni was one of three applicants in the running for the condominium at 25 South Summer street, which was designated an affordable housing unit nine years ago through the Island Housing Trust.

Mr. Consoni grew up on the Cape and has lived on the Island since 2011. He works at Island Pools.

“It’s amazing,” he told the Gazette after the drawing Monday before Edgartown selectmen. “It doesn’t feel real at the moment.”

Island Housing Trust president Richard Leonard said the loft was created in 2008 as part of a mixed-use property, with two units set aside for individuals making 140 per cent of the median county income or less ($83,020).

“Nine years later, a property created to make available to someone with moderate income is going to remain in the moderate income pool,” he said before the drawing.

Current property owner Janet Heath is selling the house in January, leading to a new lottery for the condo’s new owner.

The selling price will be $248,287. Applicants were also required to live or work in Edgartown.

The two other applicants were Victoria Cervone and Michael Lacek, who could not attend the meeting but had a friend there to represent him.

A fourth applicant was over the income threshold, Dukes County Regional Housing Authority administrator Terri Keech said at the lottery.

One by one the applicants stepped forward to place names in a house-shaped box with a green roof and silver chimney.

“Please know if you’re not picked tonight that there are a lot of other people working very hard to create more affordable housing on this Island,” affordable housing committee chairman Mark Hess said before the drawing. “I know its a very tough row to hoe . . . good luck to each and every one of you tonight.”

Mr. Hess shook the box and then lifted a flap on the roof to draw Mr. Consoni’s name. “Congratulations,” he said as Mr. Consoni stepped forward to shake hands.

Mr. Lacek was chosen the alternate, and Ms. Cervone was chosen third.

“Sorry, Victoria,” Mr. Hess said. “Good luck to all of you.”

In other business Monday, Edgartown selectmen agreed to accept an $8,000 donation from an anonymous donor to augment the salary of the school garden coordinator, and a $2,000 donation from Island Grown Initiative.

Selectmen approved a request from The Square Rigger restaurant to close for a period in the winter, but objected to the amount of time. The restaurant requested Jan. 1 to Feb. 13, which selectmen said seemed like a long period of time to allow year-round restaurant to close.

“It’s a matter of keeping it fair,” selectman Michael Donaroma said. “I know we’ve done five [weeks],” town administrator Pamela Dolby said. “I’m not sure about six.”

The board voted to allow the restaurant to close for five weeks, starting Jan. 1.

Town hall will close at noon on Nov. 22, the day before the Thanksgiving holiday.