The Kadison family is on a streak. David Kadison and his son William both hit the grand leader board in the first two days of the 72nd Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby, which opened Sunday.

William Kadison fished the derby as a junior, but has been away at school the last eight years and has had little chance to participate in the tournament. Now living in Concord, William and his father were fishing from their boat on the first day of the tournament, when they hooked into a monster bluefish.

“The rod just started screaming,” said David. “He yelled up, I think it’s a big one. It was. It took us a while to get it to the boat, took him around the bow, he tried to get off, then we got it into the net and just couldn’t believe it when we saw the size. It was around 37 inches long.”

Mike Cassidy, Ed Jerome, and an 11.60-pound striped bass caught from shore. — Mark Lovewell

The bluefish tipped the scale at 18.49 pounds.

On the second day of the tournament, the lucky streak continued. David Kadison hooked a big false albacore under some unusual circumstances.

“The next day I was fishing alone,” he said. “On the way to the bluefish spot I came up on some birds. I cruise over to them, and it was a school of albacore surrounding a six-foot leatherback turtle. Just took one cast into them, boom, I’m on. Fought really hard, got him to the boat, and it was a 10.95-pound albacore.”

It held up on the grand leader board until Thursday morning.

It turns out, the streak stretches back into last year. On the last day of the 2016 derby, David’s younger son Dylan weighed in the biggest false albacore of the tournament.

“It’s a pretty incredible run,” he said.

Others on the grand leader board after the Thursday morning weigh in are: shore bluefish, Lucas Brewer, 10.45 pounds; boat bass, Jamie Simmons, 24.65 pounds; shore bass, John Stasiuk, 29.61 pounds; boat bonito, Ron Gager, 8.13 pounds; shore bonito, Noah Mayrand, 5.34 pounds; boat albacore, Marques Rivers, 11.37 pounds; and shore albacore, Briar Thomas, 10.29 pounds.