The West Tisbury zoning board of appeals has approved the Island’s first medical marijuana cultivation center, wrapping up a review process that began early this year and included approval by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.

At its meeting last Thursday, the board voted unanimously to allow Geoff Rose, doing business as Patient Centric of Martha’s Vineyard, to share space in a building owned by Big Sky Tents that has yet to be built.

The board also voted unanimously to amend an earlier permit to account for changes to the proposed building at the corner of Pine Hill and Dr. Fisher Roads.

Mr. Rose had originally planned to locate both a cultivation center and dispensary in an existing 2,000-square-foot building at 505 State Road, but then changed plans when he learned the state would require an onsite testing lab. During review by the MVC, he dropped plans for a dispensary at the site, and the proposed building was reduced from 9,600 to 7,200 square feet.

Zoning board administrator Clare Harrington said the meeting last week, which included a public hearing related to the Big Sky Tents proposal, did not yield any new information.

“They had vetted this pretty thoroughly,” she said Wednesday, adding that the board had welcomed Mr. Rose’s decision to locate the dispensary elsewhere. “It certainly helped alleviate some of the neighbor concerns with the traffic and the noise, which was really one of the main gatherings from the commission hearings,” she said.

As a condition of the permit, Mr. Rose must limit company and employee vehicles to Old Stage Road, steering clear of a residential area to the east, with an exception for FedEx and UPS deliveries. The property will also be subject to annual inspections by the town fire chief, zoning inspector and board of health. And a $5,800 mitigation fee for affordable housing, as required by the commission, must be paid to the West Tisbury affordable housing trust, subject to commission approval.