The West Tisbury zoning board is poised to decide whether to approve the Island’s first medical marijuana cultivation center, which the Martha’s Vineyard Commission approved in June.

Following the arrival of the MVC’s written decision on Thursday, the zoning board resumed a public hearing that touched on issues related to monitoring, traffic and other concerns. The board agreed on three conditions for an approval, but stopped short of a vote, partly in order to wait out a 20-day appeal period following the commission decision.

Geoff Rose, owner of Patient Centric of Martha’s Vineyard, plans to put the center in a building owned by Big Sky Tents that has yet to be built.

The Big Sky Tents proposal was first approved in 2008, but has since changed.

Mr. Rose and Big Sky Tents owner Jim Eddy have reduced the building footprint by half. Mr. Rose has also scrapped plans for a dispensary at the site, opting for only a cultivation facility.

Zoning board chairman Nancy Cole welcomed the changes, saying that dropping the dispensary also eliminated issues related to traffic and lighting at the site on Dr. Fisher Road.

But some questions still remained.

Chris Egan, a resident of Dr. Fisher Road, said he was still uneasy about the idea of cultivation center in his neighborhood. “I feel like it’s a foot-in-the-door type of thing,” he said, worrying that production might ramp up in the future, or that an onsite dispensary might reenter the discussion.

He also wondered what would happen if the business were sold, or if the state Department of Public Health, which regulates medical marijuana facilities, rejects the proposed lighting plan. Ms. Cole said in either case the changes would require approval from at least the zoning board. Mr. Rose added that transferring his marijuana dispensary license would require approval from the state.

In response to concerns about monitoring a closed-door facility, Mr. Rose said the state would conduct regular and unscheduled inspections.

“My goal is to be transparent,” he said. “If you or anybody else has a question, you can bring it to me. And if I can’t answer it, I will bring it to the state. I have nothing to hide.”

The board continued the hearing to August 17 at 5:15 p.m. A separate hearing will be held for the Big Sky Tents proposal on the same night.

“I think we are going to be voting yes on all of this,” Ms. Cole said. “But we have to cover our legal bases.”