The Martha’s Vineyard regional high school’s boys basketball team lost their last game of the season, but will continue on to the state tournament.

Monday’s game against the Weston Wildcats was a test of the team’s communication and speed. After a hard-fought game, the boys ultimately lost 68-77 to the Wildcats.

Mike Power plays tight defense. — Mark Lovewell

Coach Mike Joyce said when his team is passing the ball and moving quickly, there is no stopping them.

“We’re fast and we can shoot,” he said. “When we get going, it’s hard to keep on top of us.”

But in the second period the Wildcats saw an opening and took the lead. Mr. Joyce pointed to a couple of big three-pointers that separated the Wildcats from his team.

For the rest of the game, the Vineyarders chased the Wildcats’ lead, occasionally tying it up or pulling ahead only to be countered by a quick offense from the Wildcats.

In the last few minutes, the game devolved into a series of free throws as the Vineyarders risked fouls to steal the ball.

The Vineyarders finished the season 13-6.

Seeding for the state tournament comes out on Friday, Feb. 24 and Mr. Joyce estimates the team will fall somewhere between 8th and 11th seed and said there’s a chance of a home game.

He said he was not surprised they clinched a spot in the state tournament this year. There are seven seniors on the team and most of the players are good shots, but most importantly, he said, the team gets along.

“They like each other, and that really makes the game that much better,” he said.