Bill Manson is many things — a skin diver, wine maker, chef and gardener — but mostly, at least for the many faithful on Martha’s Vineyard, he is a hunter and gatherer who loves to spread the joy of finding food the old fashioned way, by going out into the wild. As part of his mission he has over the years created Wild Food challenges in Italy, France, New Zealand, Finland and, of course, Martha’s Vineyard.

This year’s challenge is Saturday, Oct. 22, from noon to 6 p.m. at the Farm Institute, a first time at this new location. What this means is that it’s time once again to get out your bows and arrows, squirrel traps, stinging nettles, rabbit stewpot, acorn flour and grasshopper grilling spices.

The rules are basic, create a dish with at least one wild ingredient, the more exotic the better, but taste is definitely a factor. Let’s face it, skunk pie just isn’t going to go down well no matter much seaweed you put on it.

There are categories for kids, amateur cooks and professionals as well prizes, including a grand prize trip for two to Italy for the wild food challenge there this coming May.

The event takes on a festival format this season, with workshops, food demonstrations, local food trucks with unique menus, educational talks and presentations and live music. Admission is free for competitors and $20 for spectators.

For more information and to enter, visit or call 508-939-1113.