Mocha Mott’s, the popular Circuit avenue coffee shop in Oak Bluffs, is on track to open by mid-October if all goes well, co-owners Meredith Aldrich and Tim Dobel told the Gazette Monday.

Sitting outside their Main street Vineyard Haven location, they said no date is yet set, but a party is planned for the reopening.

Scott Hershowitz, well-loved barista, will be pulling shots again by mid-October if all goes according to plan. — Jocelyn Filley/Gazette file photo

“We’ll have a great grand reopening and we’ll to let everyone know when it is,” Ms. Aldrich said.

In February, a burst pipe in the building above flooded the basement level coffee shop. The owners shut down for repairs, hoping to reopen in May, but as unforeseen issues continued to come up, Mott’s was closed for the entire summer season.

“We’re open year-round and want to be open, there were just a lot of things out of our control,” Mr. Dobel said.

Once Mott’s reopens, regular customers will hardly be able to tell the difference, the owners promised, with the same decor, menu and staff returning to the shop. After a furlough to the Vineyard Haven Mott’s, all the regular crew will be back brewing coffee in Oak Bluffs.

“Scotty will be back driving the ship,” Mr. Dobel said, referring to Scott Hershowitz, a well-loved barista at the shop for 18 years.

The owners are currently checking all the boxes, getting in all the equipment, doing painting touch-ups and finishing inspections.

“It’s like putting a puzzle back together,” Ms. Aldrich said.

Mr. Dobel and Ms. Aldrich have owned Mocha Mott’s since 2001, when they took over from founder Mott Hinkley. Mocha Mott’s has been operating at 10 Circuit avenue for 22 years. The basement-level shop is only accessible by staircase. A recent online petition at to make the Oak Bluffs location ADA compliant and handicap accessible has been circulating. Mr. Dobel and Ms. Aldrich did not comment on the petition, except to say than say they dealt properly with all the necessary boards.

After near eight months of repair work, they said they are both excited and hopeful for the reopening.

“Within the next month, we will be selling coffee,” Ms. Aldrich said.

“Barring something unforeseen, we’re hoping for the first half of October,” Mr. Dobel said.