It’s time to get the future generations of Vineyard fishermen and women hooked on the derby. On Sunday, Sept. 18 the annual Kids Derby Day for children ages 4 to 14 will be underway from 6 to 8 a.m. That’s right, the event starts early, the better to teach kids when fishing actually happens.

The real reason the event starts early, though, is because the Oak Bluffs Steamship Wharf agrees to open up the pier to fishing for this one day only. In the old days, back when kids swam underneath the pier calling out “how bout a coin, how bout a coin,” the ferry was open to fishing every morning. But times change, and thankfully there is a kids fishing derby now to fill the void.

But on Sunday it’s a return to the past for the kids of today, with prizes. Fish are judged not by weight, as in the main derby, but by length.

No registration is needed. Just show up ready to cast and catch.

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