Ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber will soon be required to pay fees to operate at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport.

At its meeting last week the airport commission voted unanimously to begin regulating the ride-sharing companies, much the same way taxis are regulated.

Airport manager Ann Crook said Lyft has agreed to pay a fee of $1,700 annually, and she expects Uber to follow suit. The airport charges taxi companies $1,500 annually to pick up and drop off fares, and provides an area for taxis to wait for departing passengers.

“This is a brand new industry,” said Ms. Crook. “There are some airports that are not allowing it. My guess is that Uber and Lyft are probably making money on the airport right now. This is a way to jump in there and get some financial reward for it.”

Commission chairman Myron Garfinkle agreed.

“Our taxi fellows, many of them feel that transportation networks are a threat for various reasons,” he said. “It is our position that it is not up to us to decide the qualifications of licensing, the qualifications of insurance. That’s up to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the registry, the West Tisbury and Edgartown police departments. Until proven to us that this is not a good service, we’re willing to accept this service.”

Also last week, commissioners voted to begin charging tenants of the airport business park actual costs for water from the Oak Bluffs water district.

Mr. Garfinkle said the airport is currently being charged approximately $160,000 per year for water, but charging tenants only half that amount.

The commission voted to begin charging tenants the full cost of water, beginning with the next quarterly billing cycle.