Tisbury selectmen will take steps to remove a derelict building on the harborfront property known as Boch Park.

Last week selectmen gave the town building inspector the go-ahead to demolish the building at 20 Beach Road owned by Ernie Boch Jr.

For the past three years building inspector Kenneth Barwick has been working with spokesmen for Mr. Boch to have the building razed. Mr. Barwick told the selectmen last week that talks had broken off after he tried to have the property owner apply for a demolition permit and take down the building at his own expense.

Bought by the late Ernie Boch Sr. in 1987, the property has been the source of on-and-off legal disputes between the owner and the town over the years. At one point the senior Mr. Boch wanted to operate valet parking on the site but was denied a permit by the planning board. A series of appeals and court disputes followed, with the town eventually prevailing.

Following Mr. Boch’s death in 2003, his son took ownership of the property.

Four buildings originally stood on the site, which had housed Hancock Hardware and Builders Inc. Currently only one remains, the dilapidated Entwhistle building.

In a process allowed by state law, Mr. Barwick now plans to assemble an assessment team that includes the fire chief, a professional engineer and one lay person to inspect the building. If they concur with the building inspector’s findings that the building is dangerous, unsafe or a public nuisance, demolition can begin.

If the town pays for removal, a lien will be placed on the property to recover costs. Tisbury finance director Jonathan Snyder warned it could take awhile to get the money back.

“Especially given this particular customer, we may create a lien and liability, but there is no guarantee he will be pay that any time soon, we could be carrying that lien for a very long time,” Mr. Snyder told the selectmen.

But reached by telephone later, Mr. Boch said he was happy the building would be coming down.

“I wanted to knock it down, but I wanted to retain the footprint,” he said. “I talked with my guy, and I guess everything is all set, we’re going to knock it down.”