The cold mist on Saturday morning was not enough to convince Kyle Peters and Zachary Moore to stay in bed. They hopped right up at 3 a.m., intent on staking out a spot on Duarte’s Pond for the annual trout derby. The stepbrothers had pulled in five fish by 7 a.m.

Six-year-old Zachary won the derby last year with a tiger trout as long as his arm, Kyle said. This year, the big guys were a little more elusive for the sibling team. But 11-year-old Kyle wasn’t worried. He’s been fishing the derby since he was four and plans to return to the derby every year.

Tate Buchwald caught the biggest fish of the day, a 16.375-inch pickerel, and Camden Townes landed the largest trout at 14.75 inches. — Mark Lovewell

“I’m never going to miss a derby,” he said. “I don’t care if I’m too old, I’ll go with Zachary and I’ll watch him.”

The Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club Kids’ Trout Tournament is an annual freshwater fishing event started by Cooper A Gilkes 3rd and a few fishermen friends. This is the 42nd year. Kids 14 and younger cast out between first light and 8:30 a.m. Awards are given for the biggest catches.

Camden Townes, 10, walked away with a new bike for her catch of a 14.75-inch trout, the biggest of the day.

Though trout is the name of the game, young fishermen also reel in catfish and pickerel.

Tate Buchwald, 11, caught a 16.375-inch pickerel she named Squishy Dude. Squishy Dude clinched her the top prize for largest other species. Tate and her family had been on the pond since 2 a.m. to set up in a good spot. Despite their early arrival, Tate had no luck at the family camp and caught Squishy Dude elsewhere on the pond.

The derby is an excuse to wake up early or try to stay up all night and eat hot dogs for breakfast.

Karen Kukolich, working away on the grill, said they’s gone through 120 franks in a few hours. Just then a young boy approached.

Winners of all ages. — Mark Lovewell

“Hot dog, please,” he asked. “Yummy, I’m a hot dog master eater. One day I’m going to break the record,” he told Ms. Kukolich, before thanking her and running away.

In the measurement tent, fish arrived in buckets and nets, with clamps on their lips and sticks through their gills. A few arrived held tightly in bare hands.

Six-year-old Logan Gillis entered the tent announcing his catch.

“We got a big one,” he said. His 11-inch catfish surpassed his other catch, a nine-inch catfish.

John Casey, one of the measurement takers, said down by the mouth of the dam is a good place to catch trout, but it’s mostly luck.

One small girl was getting antsy for the luck to roll in.

“When will I ever catch a fish,” she asked her mother morosely. But patience is essential in fishing, and for kids under 14, there is always next year.

Complete list of winners:

Wyatt Thornton, 8, of Edgartown, has one on the line as Ryan Smith looks on. — Mark Lovewell

Largest Trout: Camden Townes, 10, 14.75 inches

Largest Other Species:

1st: Tate Buchwald, 11, 16.375-inch pickerel
2nd: Amber Ventura, 7, 15-inch pickerel
3rd: Hunter Meader, 13, 14.5-inch pickerel

Age 8 and under:

1st: Connor Giegler, 5, 14 inches
2nd: Dreyden Thomas, 7, 13.5 inches
3rd: Zachary Moore, 6, 13.125 inches

Age 9 to 11:

1st: Kayleigh Bollin, 11, 14.5 inches
2nd: Waylon Sauer, 9, 14 inches
3rd: Christian Turner, 10, 14 inches

Age 12 to 14:

1st: Jake Scott, 12, 14.5 inches
2nd: Emmalee Maciel, 12, 12.75 inches
3rd: Riley Sylvia, 12, 12.5 inches

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