Drainage problems at the capped landfill in Tisbury will be repaired soon, town officials said this week after it came to light that runoff from the old landfill has been coming onto the new Vineyard House campus nearby.

Spring rains a few weeks ago left a washed-out gully one to two feet wide behind the administration building at Vineyard House, a sober living community that opened its new campus this year off Old Holmes Hole Road. Storm water has also been pooling behind one of the residence buildings.

“It happens when it rains very, very heavily,” said Kate Desrosiers, operations manager at Vineyard House. “The water has sort of made its own current back there.”

The capped landfill is designed to prevent rain and snow from filtering through old solid waste and into the ground water. A thick membrane covers the site, covered by layers of drainage material, soil and vegetation. A town solar array built on the site began producing power last July. A series of earthen berms are designed to direct storm water to drainage areas on the site, but the berms have not been functioning properly.

A spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) said the problems were noted in a recent report.

“The engineer’s report indicated that there is some erosion at a few spots on the landfill, but in the engineer’s opinion, the erosion is not significant and those areas will continue to be monitored regularly,” said Ed Colletta, spokesman for DEP. “There are no water quality issues,” he said.

The reports are required as part of regular monitoring at the old landfill.

Tisbury town administrator John (Jay) Grande said the Department of Public Works has proposed a plan to temporarily stem the storm water runoff using sand bags and crushed stone. Work is scheduled to begin early next week.

“That’s definitely not a permanent fix,” Mr. Grande said. “It has to be engineered properly for a permanent resolution. “There’s something that is not graded or vegetated or secured properly and it needs to be taken care of.”

Vineyard House has hired its own engineer to survey the problem as well, Ms. Derosiers said.