The Martha’s Vineyard Airport Commission voted to hire Ann Crook, currently director of aviation for the Elmira Corning Regional Airport in central New York, to assume leadership of the county-owned airport.

The vote came Monday afternoon, following extensive public interviews with three candidates advanced by a search committee of airport commissioners and outside advisors.

Ms. Crook also has experience as the airport director of the Klamath Falls Airport in Oregon, and as director of the Oregon Department of Aviation, a state agency

Ann Crook is currently director of aviation for the Elmira Corning Regional Airport in central New York.

Ms. Crook said in the nine years she headed the Elmira airport, passenger traffic doubled, due mostly to a boom in oil exploration and extraction in the region, beginning in 2008.

“When all the other airports were having a downward trend, we just exploded,” said Ms. Crook in her interview. “If you need someone that’s grown commercial traffic, I can definitely do that. If you need someone to grow general aviation, I can definitely do that.”

The commission also interviewed Betty Stansbury, airport director of Purdue University Airport in West Lafayette, Ind., and Bill McKown, Jr., a retired U.S. Navy Captain, and most recently executive director of the Terre Haute International Airport in Indiana.

Each candidate was asked a series of identical questions in wide ranging interviews of about one hour each. Following the interviews, commission chairman Myron Garfinkle asked for a straw poll and passed out ballots to each commissioner. They indicated their first and second choice, and signed their names. The results of that straw poll were six votes in favor of Ms. Crook, and one for Ms. Stansbury. Mr. Garfinkle declined to make public who voted for whom in the straw poll.

In the vote that followed, all seven commissioners voted for Ms. Crook.

The airport commission appointed a search committee, led by vice-chairman Robert Rosenbaum, to find a manager shortly after the negotiated resignation of former manager Sean Flynn in December 2015. The commission engaged ADK Consulting and Executive Search, a Florida firm that specializes in finding executives for airports and aviation companies.

A total of 37 people applied for the position. The search committee narrowed the field to 10 candidates, and invited three of them to Martha’s Vineyard for Monday’s interviews.

The commission paid $30,000 to ADK for the executive search. The commission also paid the cost of flying the candidates to and from the Island, their hotel rooms and hosting them for Island tours and hospitality.

“We’re running a $4 million business,” said Mr. Rosenbaum. “It’s an investment.”