The milestone moment came last weekend in the last two minutes of a game against St. Mary’s High School.

Erin Hill, junior standout on the girls’ basketball team, scored her thousandth point.

The clock was stopped and Maureen Hill, Erin’s coach and mother, came over to give her daughter a hug.

At halftime during a boys game on the Vineyard Sunday, high school principal Margaret (Peg) Regan marked the moment again by presenting Erin with a bouquet of flowers and a game ball.

Hill and her family: Dad Brad, sister Devin, Mom Maureen. — Timothy Johnson

Hill, who is team cocaptain, said she has been working toward the goal since freshman year.

“Of course everyone’s dream is to get a thousand points and it just happened to be this year,” she said. “At the beginning of the season I had 400 points left and I knew if I averaged like 20 points a game, I’d get it.”

The last girl to make 1,000 points at the high school was Vanessa Pisano in 2001 as a senior. Pisano still holds the school record of 1,254 points.

Currently Hill has 1,049 points and another year to go as a high school player. She has been playing basketball since childhood and competes in a league outside of school year round.

High scores run in the family. Mrs. Hill made 1,000 points both in high school and college. Erin hopes to follow in the footsteps of her mother, and plans to play at the college level.

“Erin is a great student at the high school, she’s an amazing athlete, she’s getting [college] offers from all over the place,” Mrs. Regan said Sunday.

Mrs. Hill said Erin has developed a clear level of confidence on the court and is comfortable demanding the ball while also knowing when to share.

“She knows she can score,” her mother and coach said, crediting Erin’s level of dedication for her comfort handling the ball. “It’s not something that happened overnight.”

With her achievement, Erin won more than bragging rights. She had a bet with her father that if she made her 1,000th point this season, she could get a new car. That score hasn’t been completely settled yet.

Meanwhile, Erin and her team are now looking to the state tournament and hope to get past semifinals, where the team lost last year.

“We’re a really good team,” Hill said.

The boys’ team, which made it into the state tournament last week, lost to Weston 48-64 on Sunday.