A Martha’s Vineyard Tactical Response Team training exercise Thursday at the Edgartown Cinema offered both a somber reminder of recent terrorism and a reassuring sense that Island law enforcement is as prepared as possible for such events.

Edgartown police officer Jamie Craig, tactical team commander, led the drill. — Steve Myrick

The tactical team spent most of the day at the Main street movie house, assessing and documenting the entrances and exits and planning how they would neutralize a threat. Team members then staged drills covering a variety of emergency scenarios, including an active shooter, a hostage situation, and explosives.

Led by Edgartown police officer James Craig, the tactical response team plans similar exercises in the future for every “soft target” on the Island, including other theatres, medical facilities schools, and public gathering spots.

The lessons learned in Thursday’s drill will be compiled and distributed to Island police officers, who are likely to be the first to respond to such an emergency.