When you have your own golf course at your disposal, odds are the Thanksgiving tradition does not include a touch football game before the big meal. Instead, it includes a round of golf. But a special day still requires special rules.

For Brad Woodger, proprietor, owner, groundskeeper, skunk wrangler, geese poop picker-upper at the Royal & Ancient Chappaquiddick Links (established in 1887), the tradition has often involved a one club match with his brother. Yes, just one club apiece, with presumably no limit to the number of balls at their disposal (drivers are so unreliable as putters and vice versa).

But Chappaquiddick can be such a lonely place in the off-season, and Mr. Woodger is a new father now and therefore desperate for some adult connection. Behold, the first annual Sir Reg/Timothy Turkey Celebrity Scrambled Scramble to be held on Thanksgiving Day; tee off at 10 a.m. sharp.

As per Woodger family tradition, golfers are instructed to leave their clubs at home. They will be organized into teams of five with each player receiving one club — therefore a team will have five clubs to choose from for each stroke. The tournament is a traditional scramble format, with the best ball in play, and some more scrambling. Mr. Woodger has thrown caution to the wind and re-arranged the usual tee to green layout to add length to the nine-hole course. For example, the longest hole on ordinary days is 280 yards. For the Sir Reg invitational the longest hole is now 480 yards.

“I couldn’t do this normally,” Mr. Woodger said. “It would be far too dangerous.”

Evidently, this tournament will not be for the faint of heart. It is also rain or shine.

“In the summer if the weather is bad people don’t play,” Mr. Woodger said. “But this time of year, it seems the worse the weather gets the more players there are.”

Cost to play is $40, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Island Food Pantry. Call ahead at 508-627-2729 to reserve a spot and be added to a team, or create a team of your own. Rides from the ferry are also possible.

Mr. Woodger does not promise an event that will run smoothly, but then again when did that touch football game go down easily. Remember Aunt Cecilia’s nose injury?

“Usually the things out here, even if not well attended or well organized are a lot of fun,” Mr. Woodger said.

The course is located at 35 North Neck Road, Chappy. For more information and to get a leg up on the competition, visit royalchappy.com.