Not that long ago
we walked up
on that stage
June light shafting
down through
the Tabernacle’s multi colored
stained glass rows
Tinting us as we
shook hands
with our future
Proud to be the first
to graduate outside
in this special place

Not that long ago
as the raindrops sizzled
on the dying coals
and drenched the hill
above Cape Pogue
putting a wet lid
on our senior clambake
and Bill Smith
drunk and passed out
in the grass
He sobered up
an icon
in his time

Not that long ago
we got busted
for smoking pot
All the cops lined up
in front of the school
and led us away
to mug shots
and court rooms
One year probation
and rap group
rehab above
Pete’s Drugstore

Not that long ago
we stumbled into
High School
Squirrely lanky
hormonally high
Hiding in
big kids’ shadows
Proving every move
we made
to the kids
from the
other towns

Not that long ago
Kennedy went
over the bridge
The same week
men walked on the moon
The island got
dial telephone
Your friend’s mom
told you what to do
Cars got seat belts
Boy’s Club dances
were Saturday night

Not that long ago
you could dive
off the Bunker
They paved Atlantic Drive
You could run
right down the
Gay Head Cliffs
All the towns
had soda shops
And hardwares
And parking
And we were
kids on bikes

Not that long ago
can seem
like yesterday
When old friends
when old classmates
get together
The old stories come
bubbling up
just by shaking
a hand
or giving a big hug
Island kids we were
Island kids we’ll always be

Dedicated to the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School class of 1970 on the occasion of our 45th reunion.

                                                                                                                                                — Steve Ewing