The 70th annual Martha’s Vineyard Bass and Bluefish Derby is in the books. And on the leader boards, and added to the volumes of derby stories, and etched into the minds of 3,259 competitors who participated. A lot of bleary-eyed fishermen will get a good night’s sleep for the first time in five weeks.

A chilly but enthusiastic crowd gathered at derby headquarters Saturday night for the final weigh-in of the tournament.

“A lot of people are here because they’ve got winning fish on the board, and they’re hoping to God nobody comes in with a bigger fish,” said Ed Jerome, president of the derby committee.

The plunging temperatures in the final hours seemed fitting. Much of the fishing was at the mercy of the weather this fall.

The first week of the tournament was a bounty, with fantastic fishing. Then a rough east wind set in for a week, and the catch slowed accordingly. The third week saw a bit of a rebound, but a northeast storm kicked off the final week and fishing was downright lousy.

Despite the tension, the leader board did not change during the final weigh-in. The four grand leaders in the shore division will have a shot at winning an Eastern Boats fishing vessel, and the four grand leaders from the boat division will get a shot at winning a pickup truck from Clay Chevrolet.

In the shore division, Karen Altieri had the biggest bluefish (15.65 pounds), Miles White landed the biggest striped bass from the Island shoreline (37.95 pounds), Timothy Scott finished with the biggest bonito (8.99 pounds), and Donald Sicard weighed the largest false albacore (13.10 pounds).

In the boat division, Clinton Fisher landed the biggest bluefish (17.87 pounds), veteran derby competitor Stephen Peitruska caught the largest striper (41.98 pounds), Robert Coad caught the biggest bonito (11.32 pounds), and Fred Hoffman scored the largest false albacore from a boat (14.22 pounds).

Each of the winners will be standing on stage at the Farm Neck Golf Club Sunday afternoon for the suspenseful derby awards ceremony. Doors open at noon, and the ceremony gets underway at 1 p.m.