There’s nothing like a good movie on a rainy day. On the Vineyard this summer, rainy days have been in short supply but good movies? More than ever, and by most accounts the inaugural season for the renovated Strand and Capawock theatres in Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven is off to a solid start — despite the scarcity of rain.

“It’s been the most beautiful summer in the history of summers, and that is a good thing for every industry here except for the movies,” said Mark Snider, the Edgartown hotelier and founder of the Martha’s Vineyard Theater Foundation who led the spring rush this year to raise nearly $1 million to renovate and reopen the two historic theatres. “But the most important thing is the wonderful feedback we’ve been getting from everyone who goes into the theatres,” he said. “From the historic credits preview we have to the sense of quality and the physical experiences, it’s really wonderful.”

Mr. Snider, owner of the Winnetu Oceanside Resort in Edgartown, has signed a long-term lease with the Hall family for the two theatres. Daily operations are managed by the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society and its director Richard Paradise.

Strand lobby mixes old with new. — Jeanna Shepard

Fundraising remains ongoing; the foundation raised $900,000 for the theatre renovations and now needs another $500,000 for continued work on the buildings which were in extremely poor condition before they found new life this year. The money will go toward installing heat in the Capawock and a new roof and ramp for people with handicaps at the Strand, among other things, Mr. Snider said. He hopes to raise the additional funds by the end of the year. On Monday the theatre foundation will host an event at the Loft in Oak Bluffs to thank the large donors who helped make the summer possible.

“These theatres represent something that is uniquely special to Martha’s Vineyard, and not just in their buildings — they represent a togetherness,” Mr. Snider said. “When you see families going to see Minions or Jurassic World and laughing together, that’s pretty special. It’s 100 years of a sense of connectivity to the Island.”

Much has been learned this summer, and there’s still some fine tuning to be done, Mr. Snider said. Live events have been a success and plans are under way for more of them. Also unsurprisingly, some movies do better than others. Trainwreck, the Amy Schumer and Bill Hader summer blockbuster comedy, was a hit. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rebooted Terminator was a bust. Whether successful or not, the theatres are required to run the movies for a certain period of time.

Weather too is always a factor. Last week on a washout day, the only one of the summer, some 900 people came through the theatres. Four out of the six evening shows sold out.

Sun is good for beaches, rain is better for movies. — Jeanna Shepard

In Oak Bluffs especially, people are getting reaccustomed to having a movie theatre in town, Mr. Snider said. “To have it back is a breath of fresh air,” he said. “A home run is if they fit gently into the Island’s lifestyle and the community supports them and is a part of their experience on the Vineyard.”

Both theatres will be open at least through Columbus Day.

“These things take time,” Mr. Snider said. “In Vineyard Haven, it’s so nice to have the lights on at night, hopefully it encourages a sense of nighttime activity.”

Business owners in both towns said they believe the theatres have had a positive impact this summer.

“I think it will grow over time,” said restaurateur J.B. Blau, who owns The Copper Wok in Vineyard Haven and Sharky’s and the Chowder Company in Oak Bluffs. “It takes people out here a while to realize that things are different, particularly summer people who are here for a few days. A lot of people may not even know that the theatre is open. It’s going to be a short and long-term thing to build and grow.” He added: “We’re happy to have them. Anytime you have a neighbor that’s not a vacant building on a downtown main street, it’s a great thing.”

Reynaldo Faust, owner of Fat Ronnie’s on Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs, said the Strand has brought more families to town.

“When the movies let out, everyone walks up Circuit avenue and you see parents and children, that’s been a drastic change,” he said.

Mr. Paradise of the Film Society said reaction has been all positive.

“People have been ecstatic,” he said. “Even people who are not going to the movies are still commenting on how it’s such a great thing for the Island to have these movie theatres open and running again, people are so complimentary.”

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