The seventh and eighth graders in the All-Island “A” band took home top honors at the Great East Music Festival in Wilbraham on May 1. The band earned the prestigious platinum award. About 450 groups from Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut participate in the festival, which is held in various locations throughout May. Three levels of honors are awarded: silver, gold and platinum. The Vineyard was one of eight performing groups to earn the platinum level over the weekend.

The “A” band this year represents students from three of the Island elementary schools who rehearsed two mornings a week before school. The band performed Highlights from How to Train Your Dragon, Stravinsky’s Finale from Firebird Suite, and A Day In A Life composed by Patrick Roszell.

In 14 years of participating in the festival, this is the fourth time the Island has brought home the platinum prize. The band is directed by Julie W. Schilling and Ruth Scudere-Chapman.