Chilmark voters gather Monday night for a series of decisions on a major restoration project at Squibnocket Beach.

Five of the eight articles on the warrant relate to the project, which has undergone a months-long public review but still depends on the cooperation of landowners and homeowners in the area.

The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Chilmark Community Center. Longtime moderator Everett Poole will preside over the session.

Articles one and two will ask voters whether to approve a plan developed by a town committee last year, and whether to instruct the selectmen to negotiate and execute the details.

Articles three and four are intended to provide the town with financial options as it continues negotiating land acquisitions and other aspects of the plan. The selectmen are requesting up to $410,000 to execute a 99-year lease that would expand the town beach holdings, and up to $350,000 to acquire one or two parcels for a new parking lot and a portion of a new access road to Squibnocket Farm. The new access road would replace the current road, which runs along the eroding beach. The plan also includes removing a stone revetment. The new parking lot and road would both be farther inland. In an earlier plan that was rejected at the annual town meeting last year, the Squibnocket Farm Homeowners Association had agreed to purchase 1,000 feet of beach from the Vineyard Open Land Foundation and lease it to the town. Over the course of a public review last year, the association indicated that they were still willing to provide the lease, as long as they found the new plan to be acceptable.

“We are working on a promise, more or less,” Bill Rossi, chairman of the selectmen said at a meeting Jan. 13. He added that the selectmen were exploring all of their options in regard to acquiring the beach area. “This is a timing issue more than anything else — in order to get on with the warrant,” he said. The money for the lease would come from town Community Preservation Act funds.

CPA funds would also cover the purchase of the land needed for the new road and parking lot. The two parcels in question are each assessed at $149,000. Selectmen will meet Feb. 2 at 9 a.m. to discuss issues surrounding the acquisition.

Article five asks for $11,670 to cover the town’s required 25 per cent contribution to a Coastal Zone Management grant that was awarded last year.

The remaining three articles ask for: $20,000 in CPA funds to be transferred to the Molly Flender Affordable Housing Trust Fund; $3,330 to pay for bills from prior fiscal years; and $3,563 to fund changes in salaries for four town employees.