I like gray — a good gray flannel suit is always nice. A well-weathered gray cedar shingle evokes a pleasant feeling. But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Chappy, for instance, appears to have settled on gray as its color of choice — even the usually dependable sea has fallen prey to peer pressure and joined the gray movement. No matter, July is just around the corner, and green will flex its muscles.

Speaking of odd continuities, this past week was one of those weeks where it appeared that there was but one captain of the On Time. Brad Fligor’s work schedule so perfectly jibed with my errands scheduled that no matter what time of day I crossed the harbor, there was Brad manning the helm, like a better-natured Sisyphus. Just another of the interesting Chappy quirks.

Quiet day today, the wing tips of a mallard clipping the water’s surface the only noise about. Gone are the scallop boat motors mostly, and with the seasonal closing of Chappy’s casinos, absent too is the clink of chips.

I unplugged my Christmas lights that adorn my clubhouse. I figured that a month was a good run, and that the six people that traveled this far down North Neck had their fill of festivity. Something always a little sad, though, about closing the chapter on anything bright.

My baby should be making its debut soon on Chappy, fresh from its stay at the luxurious womb at the Ritz Arlene. I say “my” baby until it is time to change a diaper. For an old guy, I know very little about fatherhood . . . but how hard can it be? I suppose the litter training can be challenging at first, but otherwise I imagine that babies are more-or-less self sufficient. However, if you are to espy a roaming infant on the dirt roads of our little island, please refer to his tags and give us a call when convenient.

Word to the wise: my columns may become ever briefer as the winter wears on — only so many crowd to count. But I assure you, you’ll continue to get your money’s worth. And please report to me any news that comes your way. If adequately scandalous, I will surely report it in this space.

Happy New Year. Don’t forget to write 2015 on your checks (above and to the right of my name and directly above the $10,000.00).

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